Jeremy Brown - 2017 Dog Trainer of the Year Nominee Jeremy Brown

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I rescued a small dog from our local humane society about 2.5 years ago. When I first meet my dog, she was very afraid and meek.

I almost rejected her because I felt like she had been abused or badly mistreated and would never be able to overcome her fears, to become a family pet. But, I had already fallen in love with her from first glance, and took a leap of faith, hoping she could learn to trust again.

The first time Jeremy met her, he actually showed her very basic obedience. She seemed to understand what he asked of her, and within a few minutes, she began to respond favorably. He was amazed. That's when both she and I fell in love with Jeremy Brown.

We continued training with Jeremy, taking basic obedience, advanced obedience, even a couple tricks classes. We have tested and passed all three AKC Canine Good Citizen classes. But the best part is, we continued training, taking therapy dog classes. And now, we are a therapy dog team, making visits to many people both young and old. She even works with Pet Partners helping test other dogs that want to become therapy dogs.

So, without the expert love and attention we received from Jeremy, my ''pound puppy'' would never have had the courage to become who she is today.

Thank you for everything Jeremy Brown. April and I both owe you so much.... You changed both our lives for the better.


I would like to nominate Jeremy Joseph Brown for the Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year Award. I feel we were very fortunate to have had Jeremy recommended to us after we adopted our lab-mix foster puppy.

Jeremy's positive and caring training style transformed our shy, anxious little dog into a confident, well-behaved companion. Rocky has completed beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience classes at The Complete Canine with Jeremy. We also enjoy his Tricks class which provides a lot of entertainment and interaction for us with Rocky.

Jeremy's love of dogs and his natural ability in communicating with them, earns their trust and makes them want to learn. He is able to achieve success with all dogs in class, no matter what type, breed, age or size. Also, through his guidance, dog owners can learn how to be good trainers of their own dogs. He is very patient and encouraging with canines and humans alike.

Rocky is continuing with Therapy Training, with plans to join many other Complete Canine graduates in providing comfort and support at libraries, schools, hospitals, etc. Jeremy's involvement with therapy dogs, including his own, is a passion of his and this attitude is contagious for those in the class.

Jeremy is also involved with local rescue groups and recently convinced me to foster a sweet homeless dog. This has been a truly rewarding experience, and it is great to see Rocky demonstrating his skills to welcome and encourage the rescued pup.

Through all of his heartfelt endeavors, Jeremy spreads positive attitudes about dog ownership in our community, and continues to have a tremendous impact on the greater Tucson area.

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Jeremy Brown
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