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AB Studio One - Somerset, Kentucky

By Created: June, 2017 - Modified: January, 2018

My daughter dances at AB Studio One! The owner is also a dear friend of mine!

I really believe our studio could benefit from such an amazing opportunity! We have so many dedicated and talented dancers along with such an amazing coach that goes above and beyond for her children!

Our studio could definitely use the mats and not the money! We would be able to add to the dance floor we have and make it even better! I honestly feel like our dancers would be able to improve on turns and different techniques and slide and glide on this flooring! I also think by winning this, it would make improvements for our whole dance teams and classes! So not only would it help the studio out but you would also be helping many dancers dreams and goals come true by your amazing product to help improve our gym! I know this is a great opportunity and a amazing giveaway. Anyone will be so lucky to win this, and I know there are so many deserving studios out there!

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Elite dance subfloor
Terri Bailey, Dance Mom
AB Studio One
Somerset KY 42503