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How to Connect Max Tile Raise Floor Tiles Over Concrete & Carpet

Date Published: 01-06 - 2022

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Connecting Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles can be a simple process over both concrete and carpet.

When connecting over a hard surface like concrete, simply line the tab of one tile over the loops of another tile and step down until they snap into place.

If it doesn’t go in easily, a downward angular kick with the toe of your shoe toward the bottom tile will do the trick.

If using the kick method, you may need to stand on the bottom tile or tiles with your non kicking foot to keep the floor from shifting until the installation is large and heavy enough to stay in place on its own.

Connecting the tiles over carpet includes many variables, including how soft or thick the carpet is.

Connecting over firm or low pile carpeting can generally be achieved by using the angular kicking method.

Thick or shag carpeting will make connecting the tiles more difficult due to decreased resistance.

In which case, you can use a piece of plywood to support the underside of tiles over carpet during the connection process.

Once you’ve connected the tiles, simply move the plywood under your next connection area until you’ve completed your installation.

Max Tiles are great for use in basements, home gyms, temporary dance floors and more! The vinyl topped modular tiles come in multiple wood look options as well as slate.

Enjoy your Max Tile raised flooring!

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