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What Is The Best Red Anti Fatigue Mat?

By Paige Cerulli Created: April, 2022 - Modified: August, 2023

Anti-fatigue mats can add comfort and safety to nearly any space. If you’re looking for a mat that coordinates with your current decor, you’ll have multiple color options to choose from.

How to Find the Best Red Anti Fatigue Mat

Red anti fatigue mats can work with many color options, and you’ll find that multiple mats are available in this popular red cherry shade. Knowing what to look for in a great anti fatigue mat can help you to find the mat that’s right for your needs.

Red perforated rubber anti fatigue mat

Waterproof Design

If you’ll be using the mat in an area that will be exposed to water, then it’s important to choose a mat that’s waterproof. But in addition to being waterproof, a mat needs to keep you and your staff up and out of any standing water.

Many mats are perforated and allow water to drain through their surfaces, so your feet won’t get wet. Be sure to choose a mat that also offers great traction both when it’s wet and dry.

Red perforated rubber anti fatigue mat


Consider how durable a mat is and what type of traffic it’s designed to withstand. Commercial mats are designed for the demands of use in workshops and factories, and investing in a mat designed to withstand the workload will ensure that you get maximum value out of it.

It’s also important to choose a mat that’s designed for the elements it will be exposed to. Kitchen mats should be grease resistant, while mats used in garages will need to be resistant to oils, chemicals, and other types of substances that are common in the setting.

Red rubber with holes anti fatigue mat

Mat Size

Consider what size mat will work best for your space. Mats are available in multiple dimensions, including 20x36 inches and 3x5 feet.

You may be able to cut a mat to fit, and some mats feature interlocks that allow you to connect them together to cover larger spaces.

Top Red Anti Fatigue Mats

At Greatmats, we have several red anti fatigue mats for sale.

Beveled Drain Step Anti-Fatigue Mat

Beveled Drain Step Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Beveled Drain Step Anti-Fatigue Mat is made of a rubber compound that’s durable and easy to clean. The mat is both slip and wear resistant to help ensure your safety in wet workstations, assembly lines, service counters, and more.

The mat is designed to maximize drainage and features large holes that funnel liquid away. Beveled edges help to prevent tripping.

VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat

VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat

The VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed for use in kitchens, bars, prep areas, and other food service settings. It features a grease-proof design and is made of non-absorbent closed-cell nitrile rubber, which makes it highly durable.

The mat features an anti-slip textured surface to help prevent slips and falls, and drainage holes keep fluids away from the mat’s surface. Tapered edges create a smooth transition onto and off of the mat for increased safety.

The mat is lightweight, so it’s easy to clean, but it’s also long-lasting in kitchen settings. It’s backed by a five-year guarantee against breakdown from grease.

VIP Duralok Red Bevel

VIP Duralok Red Bevel

The VIP Duralok Red Bevel mat is ideal for kitchens, bars, behind counters, and other food service-related settings. The red mat is grease resistant and easy to clean.

The mat features drainage holes to keep workers’ feet out of liquids, contributing to a safe workspace. Anti-slip traction on the mat also helps to prevent falls.

This mat is available with molded beveled edging, which makes for a smooth transition and helps to prevent tripping. Alternatively, you can opt for the stub edge style which allows you to connect multiple mats together for a customized, larger area.

VIP Tuffdek Red Mat

VIP Duralok Red Bevel

The VIP Tuffdek Red Mat is full of features that you’d get from a heavy-duty mat, but its lighter weight makes it much more convenient to use in your workplace. It’s an ideal choice for assembly lines, waitress pick-up stations, and prep areas.

This mat is grease resistant and offers excellent drainage. It’s also equipped with anti-slip properties to maximize traction and help to prevent falls.

The mat is easy to clean with a mild detergent that doesn’t contain bleach. It offers excellent comfort underfoot and is suitable for areas that see a light to moderate amount of bleach.

Performa Red Mat

Performa Red Mat

The Performa Red Mat is ideal for kitchens, restaurants, automotive shops, industrial settings, and more. At 5/8 inches thick, this mat provides workers with exceptional anti fatigue support. The elevated nib backing provides drainage for optimal safety in wet, greasy areas.

This rubber compounded mat has built-in interlocking connectors for custom configurations and larger surface area coverage. The interlocking edge is easy to use, ensuring that customers can adjust the size of the coverage in very little time. The mats pop apart just as easily and quickly, making it easy to clean the mats or move a stack of them to a new location.

This red mat is both grease and oil-resistant and water-repellant. The non-slip backing helps to keep the mat securely in place, even when it’s installed on a smooth floor.