Bermuda Turf wout Padding Color Temperature Comparison in Direct Sun

10-21 - 2022

When choosing a turf to install outdoors, exposure to direct sunlight should be a consideration as it can cause different turfs to heat up to different degrees.
In this video, we tested samples of the Bermuda Artificial Grass Turf Rolls in various colors. This turf with 9/16 inch thick without padding, and the turf surface is made of polypropylene pastic.
As expected, the white turf remained the coolest and the black turf heated up the most. All samples were left in the direct sun for just over 4 hours on a 81 degree day in Milltown, Wisconsin. Surface temperature was measured using an infrared thermometer.
Here are the results:
White - 86.3 degrees Fahrenheit
Orange - 96.4 degrees
Yellow - 98.0 degrees
Red - 102.9 degrees
Clay - 105.4 degrees
Blue - 121.1 degrees
Black - 144.3 degrees
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