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4x6 Rubber Mats - 25 Count Bundles

Date Published: 10-05 - 2020

Shop 4x6 x 3/4 inch rubber mats now: https://www.greatmats.com/horse-stall-mats/25-bundle-4x6ft-rubber-natural.php or call 877-822-6622 for live service.

Greatmats offers rubber floor mats at bulk pricing with this 25 mat bundle of 4x6 feet and 3/4 inch thick mats for horse stalls, garage gyms and more.
The recycled rubber marts absorb impact and are waterproof, anti fungal, antibacterial, and non slip. They are made in the USA and features a pebble like surface texture.

Each mat weighs 100 pounds.

Use them for horse or stock trailers, barn aisle, industrial spaces or anywhere livestock will be present. They are also great for use under exercise or weight equipment as they help protect the floor from damage.
People have even been known to install them as a rubber truck bed mat. These large rubber mats are hard to beat for heavy duty durability in spaces used for intense workouts and/or large animals such as cattle.

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