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4x6 RB Rubber Gym Mat - 34 Inch Thick

Date Published: 03-26 - 2020

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This is our 4x6 foot RB Rubber Gym Floor Mat.
This pure black rubber weight room mat offers a full 3/4 inch of impact absorption and floor protection.
Among its best features are its non slip and non absorbent surface.
The mat features a smooth texture on one side and wire mesh texture on the opposite side.
Leave the mats in place or fold them up for easy storage.
This rubber gym flooring is great for both home and commercial gyms as it is thick and heavy duty enough to hand nearly all types of workout routines. Install the mats by simply butting multiple 4x6 mats up to each other. Put the mats in your garage gym or basement gym area to protect existing concrete and make a more comfortable place got get fit.


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