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Soft Interlocking Wood Grain Flooring - Egg Drop Test

Date Published: 04-14 - 2020

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If you're looking for a wood floor that is soft to the touch and under foot, Greatmats reversible wood grain floor tiles are interlocking puzzle floor mats with several wood grain surface options. They also relieve fatigue and provide a soft and comfortable flooring option that is easy on the body.
To test just how soft these EVA foam floor tiles are, we decided to drop a raw egg onto a couple of the mats from about 12 feet above and see how the egg faired. As you can see, not every egg survived the experiment, but most did - until they came in contact with the wooden deck next to the mats!
Not only did the eggs survive, but the actually bounced on the mats.
Often believed to be rubber wood flooring, this soft floor tile system is commonly used over concrete in basements and at trade show booths. They are great for floor exercises as well.


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