What Size Chevron Floor Runners Are Available?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: February, 2022 - Modified: February, 2022

Greatmats offers a variety of top notch chevron floor runner in different sizes. They come in custom cut sizes, as well as 3x10, 3x60, 4x60, and 6x60.

A chevron floor runner may be used in a hall, entrance, or other space where a ribbed or flat vinyl or carpet rug or mat may otherwise be used.

The chevron floor runner product at Greatmats is a ribbed carpet surface with coarse fibers, offering fabulous and effective scraping action and moisture retention. They have a reliable, slip-resistant vinyl backing, and their carpet is stain and fade resistant with a needle punch design.

The chevron floor runner, regardless of the size you choose - custom cut sizes, 3x10, 3x60, 4x60, or 6x60 - is a made in the USA product that is water absorbent and wear resistant. These mats can be used as an indoor entry mat for a business, health facility, retail shop, restaurant, office space, and other commercial or home setting.

Features And Benefits of Chevron Floor Runners

Chevron Rib Carpet Mat per SF Custom CutThese mats have a striking needle-punch herringbone-like chevron pattern that cleans shoes from any mat direction. They are equipped with a non-slip vinyl backing for added safety. They are available in charcoal (suitable if you prefer black or grey), burgundy, slate blue, and dark brown. Each of these colors would look great on a white or gray subfloor.

These mats have durable polypropylene fibers that will maintain their height. They will also resist crushing, even when exposed to regular foot traffic and extensive soils. They work well in any space where visitors may be tracking in rain and snow from outdoors, as the bi-level poly fibers will catch the moisture from the soles of shoes and pull it to the base level of the mat.

These mats feature a vinyl backing layer on the underside of the mat. When moisture falls through, the vinyl layer catches it and prevents it from leaking onto the subfloor. This design feature protects the subfloor, and it reduces the chances of a potential slip and fall accident.

The back side of the vinyl provides anti-slip properties, meaning the mat will maintain its grip on the subfloor, no matter what size of mat is in use.

Regardless of the length and size selected, the mat will have a flat safety edge around all four sides. This reduces the possibility of a tripping hazard on the 3/8-inch thick mat, making it safer for visitors.

Floor Runner Details By Size

  1. The 3x10 feet chevron floor runner is priced at roughly $75.00. Each mat offers 30 square feet of coverage, for an approximate cost of $2.50 per square foot. Each mat weighs 20 pounds.

  2. The 3x60 feet runner is priced at roughly $450.00. Each mat offers 180 square feet of coverage, for an approximate cost of $2.50 per square foot. Each mat weighs 122 pounds.

  3. The 4x60 feet runner is priced at roughly $600.00. Each mat offers 240 square feet of coverage, for an approximate cost of $2.50 per square foot. Each mat weighs 163 pounds.

  4. The 6x60 feet runner is priced at roughly $900.00. Each mat offers 360 square feet of coverage, for an approximate cost of $2.50 per square foot. Each mat weighs 245 pounds.

  5. Custom Size runner mats are priced at roughly $3.00 per square foot and have a weight of 0.68 pounds per square foot of coverage.

Maintenance & Care

Regular cleaning of these chevron mats will ensure their longevity and integrity. They can certainly endure a lot of abuse in busy foot traffic areas, and they should continue to look as close to new as possible with regular cleaning.

Because the rugs’ bi-level design in the surface of the fibers works to catch dry soils and debris, a powerful vacuum will be required to lift and capture the soils from deep in the mat. Vacuuming once or twice per day should work well in high traffic areas, and in a home setting, vacuuming a door scraper mat once or twice per week should be adequate.

For thoroughly cleaning the carpet mat, a commercial carpet cleaning service could be employed to wash on a regular basis. The rugs have water resistant materials, so they can stand up to regular cleaning processes successfully.

Or, the mats can be cleaned at home or onsite by running a wet extractor over the top. Regular cleanings like this should help the mat maintain its original color better over time.

Whenever moving the ribbed entrance hall carpet mat for cleaning, be sure to clean the subfloor under the mat at the same time. The vinyl anti-slip backing should maintain its grip on the subfloor better if the subfloor is kept clean.

Greatmats - For The Best Chevron Rugs Of All Sizes

If you would like more information on any of the featured products, the team at Greatmats is available to help. They can answer questions, help you decide the right size for your space, and help you place your order. No matter which size you choose, you can be confident in your purchase when it is made at Greatmats.