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Swimming Pool Reduces Slips & Falls by 90 with Life Floor pool decking

Date Published: 02-17 - 2017

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Safety and comfort are of the utmost importance for Unity School District when it comes its indoor swimming pool. Open to the public as well as students, the Unity pool has been a popular destination in Polk County Wisconsin for years for classes and recreational use.

With that heavy traffic come increased risk of injuries due to slips and falls – especially when the deck surface surrounding the pool is hard and slippery.

For many years, the pool featured a ceramic tile floor surrounding its swimming pool, wading pool, spa and locker rooms. According to 15-year pool manager Laurie Paulsen, the slippery tile surface contributed to an average of 5 to 10 slips and falls per day in the pool area.

In the fall of 2016, the Unity School district covered the tile flooring with Life Floor Super Grip Ripple Tiles in the pool area and Life Floor Slate Tiles in the locker rooms as a way to not only spruce up the deteriorating tile floor, but add a safety upgrade to its facility.

The life floor tiles, purchased from Greatmats, are made of a foam/rubber blend of materials, and are extremely slip resistant, cushioned and temperature stable – all features that played into the decision to try this progressive new flooring.

Paulsen said since installing the new Life Floor pool decking, accidents have been cut by 90 percent, kids in swimming lesson are more willing to sit on and do demonstrations on the floor, and her own comfort has increased dramatically from the cushion, allowing her to continue to work up to 11 hour days without back and leg pain.

Jeffrey Allen, who is in charge of pool maintenance, is happy to eliminate the constant patching areas where tiles were falling out or damaged. And with new floor scrubbing machines to accommodate the switch from tile to foam, he's finding it easier to keep up with the daily cleaning of the pool deck and locker room floors.

Maintenance and Operations Director Dewey Strilzuk added that staff and community can breathe a little easier now, knowing how much safer the pool area has become, thanks to Life Floor pool decking from Greatmats.

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