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How do StayLock Floor Tiles work with high heels

Date Published: 10-30 - 2022

If you're considering Staylock Floor Tiles in a space where high heels will be worn, such as a deck, patio, trade show booth, etc., you'll find this video interesting. Here we test the three different kinds of fatigue relieving PVC StayLock Tiles under high heel usage to see how they perform.
Our conclusion was that the StayLock Orange Peel Tiles provided the most stable surface for high heels, followed by the StayLock Bump Top Tiles. For shoes with very narrow or pointed heels, the StayLock Perforated Tile is not your best choice as the heels can slip into the perforations and become stuck.
With that being said, none of the floor tiles were punctured or damaged in any way by the high heels.
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