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Why you may want furniture coasters for Staylock Bump Top Tiles

Date Published: 12-10 - 2022

Do you need furniture coasters for your exercise or workshop flooring? Sometimes.
While extremely durable, Staylock Bump top tiles are designed provide fatigue relief and are made of a somewhat soft and very flexible PVC material. This does make is more susceptible to scuffs and scratches than more rigid materials. If you are placing Staylock tiles somewhere that furniture will like slide or shift on a regular basis, this can result in some aesthetic blemishes in you Staylock flooring.

Furniture coasters are usually used for heavier pieces of furniture like couches, but you can use them for storage, chairs, treadmills, etc.
Your weight-lifting equipment is heavy and causes your flooring to accumulate more wear if there is no barrier from furniture to floor.

Just to see what would happen we tested how much a fork would scratch the floor. We don't think you would do this, but it is good to know how much force is needed to scratch your gym floors!

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