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Are StayLock floor tiles resistant to sparks and flames

Date Published: 08-14 - 2022

Watch as we test StayLock raised PVC floor tiles against sparks and open flames. These tiles were tested in close proximity to a bench grinder that was grinding metal lawnmower blades and against the open flame of a lighter.
The tiles experienced minor discoloration speckles from the sparks. It also did melt and burn when exposed to the open flame but did not continue to burn long after the source of the flame was removed.
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This flooring is also available with an orange peel surface texture or a perforated surface.
The bump top tiles are commonly used in workshops as an antifatigue flooring system or in gyms - as are the orange peel surfaced tiles.
Perforated StayLock tiles are designed for outdoor use and wet areas.

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