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Sport Karate Training Series with Infinity Martial Arts and Team Infinity

Date Published: 12-11 - 2020

Greatmats in collaboration with Infinity Martial Arts and Team Infinity present you with this Sport Karate Training Series. In the series, you'll learn how to perform a wide range of martial arts tricking techniques including how to back flip, generate more punching power, weapon tricks for the bo staff (including a neck roll) and kama and acrobatic creative kicks, including a 540, cheat 720, and backside 900.
Following is the list of techniques under the instruction of the following black belts, including Infinity Martial Arts founder Mike Welch.
Tip 1: Kama 7 Cut with Connor Chasteen (Age 18)
Tip 2: Back Flip/Standing Back Tuck with Evan Ouk (Age 20)
Tip 3: Kama Behind the Back Throw with Joseph Bein (Age 30)
Tip 4: 540 Kick with Hunter Orlowski (Age 17)
Tip 5: Cheat 720 Kick with Mike Welch (Age 39)
Tip 6: Bo Staff Hyper Neck Roll with Will Nevitt (Age 20)
Tip 7: Kama Finger Roll with Connor Chasteen
Tip 8: Bo Staff Box Cutter Throw with Evan Ouk
Tip 9: Backside 900 Kick with Joseph Bein
Tip 10: Gainer Aerial with Hunter Orlowski
Tip 11: Creative Kicking Drill with Mike Welch ------ (Side Kick & Hook Kick From The Ground)
Tip 12: Knee Transitions with Will Nevitt
Tip 13: Kama Toss Combo with Connor Chasteen
Tip 14: Sport Karate Hand Combination with Mike Welch ------ (Wheel Arm Block, Punch, Spinning Chop, Punch, Ridge Hand, Chop, Punch, Double Block Twice, High Block, Punch, Spinning Chop, Throw, Hand Flare, Spin, Cross Block, Finish)
Tip 15: Bo Staff Combo with Will Nevitt ------ (2 swings, 45 strike, upward strike, downward strike, side strike, spinning side strike, side strike, two hand figure 8, half neck roll, hyper neck roll, spear strike, finish)
Tip 16: Generating Punching Power with Connor Chasteen

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