Customer Reviews for: Plyometric Rubber Roll 1/4 Inch 4x10 Ft Black

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I ordered one of their numerous reasonably priced mats on Friday. It arrived at my door on Tuesday. A good quality buy for the price.

Scott Nelson

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The three of us love the Mats it makes a big difference in our work outs less noise, less fatigue on the bod. Thanks #GREATMATS


Chico, CA

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The plyometric mats work great on top of my hardwood floors.

David C.

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The reviews were good for this mat and there were none for purchase that were thicker so I chose this one. Its not as soft as I would like it but I put my other mat on top.

Michelle Perkey

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So far so good exactly what I expected. Only issue was Fed Ex taking an extra week to deliver from local terminal because we had one day of snow and it screwed them up for a week. Thats what happens in the South when you get snow

Michael Restall

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All around great experience. Customer service over the phone was more than helpful and completely honest and forthcoming about the products. They helped me find the perfect match for me. Product was delivered in great shape and earlier than expected.


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Very pleased with the product for the money. I would definitely order from this company again! The entire process was seamless.

Tammy B.

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Since 2007, Ive used my garage as the primary destination for my training routines, P90x, Insanity, P90x+, P90x2, T25, Combat, Chaelean, P90x3, BodyBeast. I used at times temporary spongy flooring product which helped but often it would slide and eventually I just took to using cement flooring. I only just recently purchased the Plyometric flooring rolls and what a huge difference it makes on anything plyo, or even with just normal leg routine exercises. The mats work great, Im thankful I found the site, for relatively inexpensive route, I was finally able to create what feels like a legit workout area that protects my joints. Thank you Great Mats!

Jason Fischer

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I ordered the above. Unfortunately, it had a tear near a corner. i called customer service and they immediately sent me a replacement. Great Service.

Martha Bowers

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I was looking for a good mat for putting down on the concrete in my garage and do some intense plyometric workouts. Great mats had many options. I went with the plyometric roll. I bought two 4x 10 rolls. I have a space my wife and I can both workout on now. Great mats had plenty of options and once I found what I wanted they shipped it right away. Good experience. I highly reccomend.

Nicholas Gambino

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The mat is heavy gauge and perfectly smooth- just what I needed for exercising at home. I roll it up when not in use and secure it with bungee cords.


Philadelphia, PA

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great plyo mat!! I work with pro and amateur volleyball players.... enough said! Have them doing a lot of plyometrics and having concrete floors made a huge difference with the amount of force on their joints. I would recommend this product to anyone. took about 4 days from ordering to delivery, Inexpensive and easy to install.


Santa Monica, CA

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You Plyo Mat is great!! It came on time as expected! Im a Kinesiologist in Santa Monica Ca. Working with amateur and professional volleyball players... you can imagine how much i drill them on jumping and soft landings. Sometimes landing softly on concrete can not go so well. But working with your mat is a great knee saver!! thank you "Greatmats"

Michael Mori

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Excellent product, great price.


Customer Rating:


Received my mats fairly quickly. I use them in the workout area, and it looks like they are holding up very well.


Customer Rating:


Product was as stated on the website.


Pelham, NY

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I would recommend these mats. They fit nicely in my room and are great to work out on.

Sharon Goulet

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They answered my questions, shipped me my mats in a timely manner and the mats are great! We ordered the 8mm Plyo mats for our home gym - stable, impact absorbing and the smell isnt overpowering.


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Came as ordered just in time for x-mas. Easy to install will not move unless you are trying to move. No glue or anything needed. Just remember to get the zero ph-cleaner, will keep your mat or mats looking good. My home gym is now finished. Just hard workouts with DDP yoga.

Dorthy L

Covington, VA

Customer Rating:


The rubber flooring I got is not waterproof!

Steven Lombardi