Customer Reviews for: Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch 4x10 Ft Pacific Black

Customer Rating:


I had a good experience from the order to the delivery to us installing. It’s been installed for a couple weeks and it’s great. We are going to probably add additional mats on the other side of the basement which is used for recreation. Looks good and easy to clean. I looked for Mats locally at several retail gym suppliers. They were either to small or to expensive or both. Then I looked on-line and I found a few companies. The one company I found was about the same price as yours, but they wanted $147 to ship them. So I thought that was ridiculous. So I started looking again and found your company on Instagram. you had free shipping and your mat was also thicker. So I placed the order with your company and I had them in about a week. They were easy to install. They look great and they handle my gym equipment very well. I have the same amount of space set up with a big TV and Xbox etc. on the other side. I was going to put a rug down, but decided on putting your mats down. I am very happy with the mats and the total experience with your company.


Rocky Point, NY