Customer Reviews for: Greatmats Ground Protection 4x8 Ft Mat

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When is comes to putting up steel buildings, I have to get access all the way around multiple times. Often time dealing with mud. Moving these around is far superior to getting equipment stuck in the mud to the axles. Easy to move around with 2 people, and the equipment never gets stuck... well worth the money. works great


Buffalo, NY

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They are great, they are mats. They are greatmats


Pensacola, FL

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The mats are functional and save our group a lot of extra time by not having to restore the yards where they are used. Great product and will continue to utilize until we are shown that the product is no longer a good fit for our use.

Jennifer L


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We ordered 2 4x8 traction mats in order to get our environmental sampling drill rig to a remote and wooded location. We were unable to access the location without the mats, but when we used the mats we easily drove our 19,000+ pound F550 truck over the soft soil and steep slopes in order to set up and complete our work. These mats proved easy to store in the 8x4 foot bed of our service truck, and can be easily moved by two workers with use of the convenient handles. In a pinch, a single worker can drag and handle a mat to position it. The mats withstood the weight of our vehicle with ease and didn't crack or permanently warp. The traction provided by the mats was adequate to prevent off-camber slipping of the truck, and bottom traction ensured the mats stayed in place when driven on. Finally, cleanup was easily accomplished by knocking off loose mud and a quick pressure washing. The mats are stored away and ready for the next time we need them.


Harrison, OH

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Heavy duty mats have saved a lot of time on our job sites. Our crew is able to handle them much easier than plywood and they have a durable grip technology on the underside to prevent them from slipping around.


Inver Grove Heights, MN