Customer Reviews for: Reversible Rosco Marley Roll 8 LF

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Excellent customer service, timely delivery and high quality product!


Waukee, IA

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Rogers, AR

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I bought this mat for my high schoolers to be able to continue their ballet at home (primarily barre work) as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. I did not install it permanently, but rather they roll it up for storage after each use (well, most of the time!). The shipping was timely and the package was well protected and secured. I was impressed with the overall quality and (so far) durability of the material. The mat came rolled up on a sturdy cardboard roll with nice padding on it to protect the material when it is stored, and makes it easy to roll up. It seems to function well and stays put on both hardwood and tile. They have used it for practicing en pointe, in ''slippers'' and barefoot modern work as well. The only negative thing I have to say is that a couple of rubber bands or velcro straps would have been nice to include to secure the mat when it is rolled up and stored in a corner of the room. Without something to secure the free edge, the mat sags on the roll when stood up in a corner, and this tends to kind of deform the edges a bit. So far it's not a big problem as it flattens out fine when laid down each time, but long term this could lead to damage.It came with a couple of pieces of tape securing it in the rolled up position but these aren't effective for very long as the adhesive gets dirty and wears off.


Cincinnati, OH