Customer Reviews for: ShokLok 2x2 Ft 3/4 Inch Black

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My salesperson Eric Torrison was very knowledgeable and helpful. He got us what we needed and we love the product.


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I wanted to make a review here because this was a very hard purchase for me to make. It was quite a bit of money and I never got to see the product. Now that I have the flooring installed (did it myself) I want to say Im very pleased with the product. So the quality seems good, the deliver was great, it was the exact combination I ordered to cover the space, accurate to the description. I really didnt have any trouble puzzling the mats together. I would say some are tougher then others, and could have used more shims for sure (not enough came with order) but all in all floor looks great. Colors are not matching black but I knew that would be the case so wasnt unexpected. But once again, went together well, looks good, I like the quality (went with 3/4" rubber) and Im very happy. Had I known all of this first I wouldnt have spent a week searching. Thank you Great Mats. I am a satisfied customer.

Matt Damadeo

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'It offers enough friction that I'm not moving around at all. I'm also not tearing up my hands when I'm doing push ups and hand stands. You don't get the cushy feel where you're losing power when you're cleaning and snatching. Dropping weights on this really doesn't affect the flooring below it.


Woodbury, MN