Customer Reviews for: Horse Stall Interlocking Center Mat 3/4 Inch x 4x6 Ft.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great mats and excellent service. Used in our new gym.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


First time buyer of Greatmats, and very happy! I installed interlocking mats in several horse sheds and they went in very easily, fit together like a dream, and are providing great footing for my retired horses who live 24/7 in these sheds. We installed them ourselves, using a skid steer to prepare the ground, then gravel topped with stone dust. We leveled the footing and tamped it down, and then put some the mats. Perfect! I have previously used another brand of shed mats, but I like the smaller interlocking tans on these. I'll buy more!


New Hartford, CT