Customer Reviews for: Ground Protection Mats 4x8 ft Clear

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We used them to protect our homeowners grass, concrete sidewalk and driveway, etc. Great invention and are such an important asset for us. I love how they are basically indestructible. Plywood wears out and you're constantly purchasing new at the big box hardware store. The mats are great since they withstand any type of weather. Unlike wood, we don't need to worry about leaving them outside since moisture won't weaken them.



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These will last basically forever. Even with the plywood, we didn't even hardly ever use the wheeled machine across the plywood because the plywood can't support it. Now, We can bring our wheeled Bobcat to jobs where we would have had to bring the track one before. They're not going to get wet all the time. It's going to be less work for us to deal with them, which saves more energy for doing stuff that you're making money doing.


Plymouth, MN