Customer Reviews for: Horse Stall Mats 12x20 Ft Kit

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Communication with Great Mats was fine Shipping was not The number I was asked to contact on the order had no idea who I was the appropriate shipper called and left no message The order showed up a day later, Id had a guy standing by to off load for a day and a half. Shipping ultimately cost as much as the mats, it would be hard to recommend you

Mary Jo

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Great service and excellent product. Just needed a layout diagram to help with installation.

Debbi L


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Excellent service and great customer very easy to work with!!

Angela Richardson

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We were pleased with the quality of the mats. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a layout diagram, so we didnt have to do the trial and error method.

Debbi L Hill

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When I received my mats UPS Freight had broken a pallet and damaged two mats. Great Mats replaced those mats free of charge. Great customer service. Eric at Great Mats is excellent.

Rusty Shaw

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We ordered this product for an older barn that has a dirt floor and the horses were tearing it up. We had mats but they were not linked together so the horses would separate them and then create holes. We were thinking about doing cement floors but were concerned about the horses legs and feet. We found Great Mats online and they were amazing to deal with and the mats fit great!! The horses are happy but better yet so are our boarders and workers. Thanks for a great product!


Littleton, CO