Customer Reviews for: Horse Stall Mats 10x20 Ft Kit

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I ordered (2) 10X20 horse stall mats and I live in Hawaii, on the furthest north island in the state. The mats arrived in great condition, were delivered right to my door, and we had them installed in one day with only two people. The mats had to be cut to fit the slightly smaller size of the area, and we used a skill saw set at 1/4'' to score the mat, then used a hooked blade to cut through the mat. It worked very well.



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The mats were easy to install and as promised. Eric, my salesman, was both professional and efficient. He offered some of the best prices and made the process easy. Wish I had known up front though that the trucking co wouldnt come down the driveway to the barn. Made for some last minute headaches.