Customer Reviews for: Wall Pad 2x6 Ft WB ZClip ASTM

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Great wall pads, just as expected. I needed basic wall pads and wanted more of a discreet look without the install tabs on top and bottom. These shipped quick, arrived in great condition. They were packaged well. Freight dropped them off at the house and put them in my garage until I could unpack them. Installed they look very professional, straight as can be and serve the purpose nicely.


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Easy to install and looks great! The only painful part was the shipper only dropped off one of the two boxes so we had to go back and try to find them. Glad they labeled our cutout pieces as well!

Helen K

Alameda, CA

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GreatMats was a great company. Their sales rep Ryan was really helpful and helped me with all the information I needed. The biggest issue was that when this was shipped, the shipper only delivered 1 of 2 pieces. They found it quickly but it was odd that they had an incomplete shipment.

Grace Point Church