Customer Reviews for: StayLock Corner Black

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


good service


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


These worked well as an edge for a mat of StayLock tiles.


Selah, WA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We loved the finished look the black edge gave to our StayLock roof-top decks. We used it with light gray tiles and the effect was lovely, especially since it matched our project's color scheme. It would be nice if Greatmats offered the edges and corners in colors to match the StayLock tiles for an even better effect for certain applications.

Mary L


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The corners complete the border edging and makes the project look professional.

Susan H


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Works extremely well. Does not slide on carpet.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I used the ramp pieces to complete my StayLock rubber mat that I installed. The corners and ramps worked great!



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Basement floor install


Seattle, WA

Customer Rating: 3 Stars


I originally purchased the StayLock Bump top tiles to use as a home gym flooring for P90x and Insanity. I was told that the tiles could be placed directly over carpet without the need of a firm subfloor. After installing the tiles over my normal carpet (not shag, and not the really short kind either) it was apparent that this was not going to work without a subfloor. The entire surface was way to mobile and spongy. So I installed a subfloor using plywood, and then put the staylock tiles on top. The tiles looked great and fit nicely together, however the floor was very hard with little give, and little anti-fatigue properties, not good for floor work unless a yoga mat was put down. There was also an incredible echo in the room; the entire room felt like a hollow echo chamber. As per the website disclaimer, Greatmats would not allow me to return the product, so I moved my StayLock Bump Top tiles out into my workshop in the garage, which worked perfectly and I was very happy with my new workshop floor. I found a different floor from a different company that worked well for what I was looking for in a home gym floor. So in summary, for my needs, the StayLock Bump Top tiles are not ideal for P90 and Insanity due to the firmness of the product. However they work well for a workshop floor. The tiles are easy to instal and fit easily yet securely together. If they were a bit more rubbery and soft I think they would be perfect and would not echo so much.


Salt Lake City, UT

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Excellent Product! Started off with a 4 X 6 then expanded out and made the deck a ''T'' shape to go under the weight bench, love it and the impact mat works really well when doing P90 style workouts. THANKS!!


Birmingham, MI

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


This floor is amazing. Way better than we could have imagined. Fabulous product for anyone looking for a workout floor to put over carpet. My wife and I both do a lot of high intensity cardio & plyo workouts (P90X, Insanity, etc.) and this floor is truly more than we could have expected and it looks great with the finishing edge pieces.

Ryan P

Chevy Chase, MD