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Customer Reviews for: Plyometric Rubber Roll 8 mm 4x10 Ft Black

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Bought two rolls for our garage which we put under our heavy bag. My wife and I workout boxing and kick-boxing. The mats don't move even on bare concrete. We also jump rope without a problem. We unroll and roll them back up after each use. They are heavy enough with enough cushion for working out. But light enough to roll-up and put away after each use. We are redoing out exercise room soon and intend to but several at that time. Order # 1435135


coral springs, fl

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We really like the plyometric mats. A lot of time was spent figuring out where to get them and how thick they should be. Price was a big concern because these mats can get costly. The thicker they are obviously the more expensive they will be especially if they are being delivered through a shipping company. These mats were not inexpensive to that point. But when it comes to proper cushioning of feet and legs during exercise a few dollars is just that over the long run. We unroll and roll-up these mats a couple of times a week in our garage. We use them under a heavy bag and my wife and I put them to the test with twisting and turning as we train and exercise. Rarely do we have to tap them back together because of shifting. So the weight and thickness is good for what we do. The one did come with a defect though. A six inch rip or tear about a foot from the end of one of the mats. I didn't contact the company because I felt it would be a hassle to fight this or have to ship it back. So the concern was will this get worse? So I got rubber cement and smeared it over that whole area. So far so good and it seems to have solved the concern we had. But only time will tell.


Coral Springs, FL

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Nice company to deal with... Every thing they said was true ,,,Fast Srevice and Good Product

Timber hill stable

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Just as the name implies....great mat! I'm going to order another one.


Naples, FL

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Awesome service and really great product. *****


Flint, MI

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Great product!! I highly recommend it!


Rahway, NJ

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Perfect for what I needed. Customer service was very helpful

Martin E


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We bought two mats for our kitchen almost a year ago and they are holding up very well. They clean up easily and give wonderful support. I highly recommend them! We knew about Greatmats because a friend had one but we tried several cheaper mats from Home Depot and Lowes, thinking they would be good enough, and should have just gone with the best from the start.

Ryan B.

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Greatmats shipped in a timely manner. Product is as described. Works well for jump rope, Bosu stability ball and kettle bells. Good give and traction. Had pronounced odor for a few days in basement. Can only smell now if nose is very close.

Steve J.

Englewood, CO

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Great for keeping your grip when working out


Old Saybrook, CT

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My first experience with GreatMats was through their website. Ive been in software for about 15 years now, and am sort of a nut about usability. I found it very easy to find exactly what I was looking for. I purchased two rolls of rubber gym flooring for plyometric exercise. I had shopped around both locally and on a number of websites and GreatMats prices were as good or better than any other place I found. Also, I was incredibly pleased by their shipping. I think I got the mats within a couple days of my order. I actually got the mats at my front door BEFORE I even got the email indicating that they had shipped. The only blemish on my experience was that the mats were noticeably different sizes. Not a tough issue to resolve (I can easily trim one), but it was pretty blatant.

Jason R

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I was looking for a mat that I could use when I was doing my insanity program. The customer service was terrific at recommending what mat I would like. I purchased it. The mat is working out great! I sweat a ridiculous amount when Im doing the work out. In the past I had mats that slip. These mats work out great. No slippage. Couldnt be happier. Super fast shipping as well.

Tim Olson

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Terrific mat which my wife uses for her Plyo exercises. We have installed in our garage on the epoxy floor and it does not slip at all and is also comfortable to lay on and also absorbs shock from your legs. Nice look and texture also. Worth the price.


Prescott, AZ

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At our martial arts academy, we offer a small weightlifting area with a squat rack, free weights, rowing machine, etc. They offer great cushion for the weights, and comfort for the athletes when they need to get on the ground for workouts. We would definitely recommend this product!

Drysdale jiu jitsu

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I use the mat for Insanity and other cardio/plyometric/PAP workouts. At workout time it's unrolled onto the living room floor. The floor is a wood laminate, and the mat does not slide at all regardless of lateral jumping. It provides great traction, even with substantial sweat on the surface. It's somewhat heavy, but that keeps it in place during use and is a function of its excellent durability. Very happy with this mat. When done working out, I just let it air dry, roll it up, and it's out of the way.


Mountain View, CA

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I absolutely love this mat. I searched and searched for a mat to perform P90X Plyometrics on that was large enough and could absorb the shock of the numerous jumps of the routine. This mat is huge and slip proof even after sweating all over it. It has just the right amount of cushioning needed to protect my joints but not so soft that it affects balance. I am really happy with this product and how quickly Greatmats delivered my shipment.



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I ordered 2 4x20 mats for my basement workout room. They were delivered quickly to my door, and I was able to install them in less than an hour. They look great, and havent slipped in the least since weve installed them. They are infinitely better than the 2x2 interlocked foam squares we had been using.

Steven Sinclair

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My experience with ordering my exercise mat through Greatmats was perfect. Navigating the website was easy, ordering was easy, prices were very good, and delivery was quick. I have absolutely no complaints and I highly recommend this company if you are in the market for a great mat from a company that lives up to that name.

Robin Mengis

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I was looking for a mat for my home gym that could support TRX, plyo, yoga and other circuit training. I had narrowed it down to several choices online. The sales rep listened to my needs and suggested the option to best meet my needs - Plyometric Mat Roll 4x10. Shipping was fast and the product is of high quality.


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I called for a sample. They asked if I wanted the 1/2" or 3/8". I said the 1/2 so thats what they sent. I liked it. Then I went to order the 1/2" and they told me I couldnt. It was only available in 20 rolls. They said 1/2 is way over kill for home use. I liked it better. It was more cushy. So I got the 3/8. Im mostly satisfied. It was a lot cheaper but again, I wasnt given a choice. I wish I had the 1/2" for all the plyometric workouts I do.