Customer Reviews for: Incline Wedge Folding 24 x 48 x 14 Inches

Customer Rating:


The mats and incline wedge came at the right times (when the company said they would). We laid down the mats first and the 1, 2, and 3 year olds love them. They fell all over them without hurting themselves; they ran on them without slipping, which was one of the best qualities. Now we have the wedge and they love rolling down it, walking down it forwards and backwards, laying at an angle on it, and much more. People should get these for their children at home to play on. We purchased 2 4 x 10 mats and set them side by side then put the 14" x 48" x 24" incline on them. We are using these in a Montessori Pre-Primary environment. The exercise the children engage in with these mats allows them to get lots of large motor activity and calms them for concentrated work.