Customer Reviews for: Roll Out Mats 1.25 Inch per SF

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Great service. Thank you , Katie.



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The design of the mats we have was the best that we found. Being able to customize the size was a big factor. They are much easier to clean than the rubber puzzle mats. They stay in place, and there is little risk of turning an ankle because of the mat design. We've been on them over a year and have not had an incident yet.

Stacey D

Hartford, AL

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Mats came in in 5 days after being quoted 3-5 weeks. I know this isnt normal but pleasant surprise.

Move Right KC, LLC

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Thank you Pam of Greatmats, our new name "Nubians Alliance Academy," is off to a new start in our community and our students and staff are very happy with the quality of the mats, the savings, and the SERVICE we received.

Yudette Hayes

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As with previous products, this mat is comfortable to move around on and provides plenty of cushioning for falls. The ease of rolling the mat up and the light weight allows for one person to remove the mat at the end of a training session. The six foot width might prove tight for certain drills depending on how you are oriented on the mat and how many people you are trying to fit, however it allows for a transportable mat in a pickup truck. As a side note, two straps are included with the mat to help keep it secure when rolled up. This was an excellent purchase for a fledgling Dojo that has to move to different locations to operate and will continue to be useable once a permanent home has been found.


Brookline, NH

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These mats are amazing! They fit so well, stay in place and are good quality!


Davie, FL