Customer Reviews for: Mega Lock Rubber Tile Black 1/2 Inch x 30x30 Inches

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I love this product . In an effort to make my basement less dungeon like , I rebuilt my gym and added a flat screen TV and 1/2 inch mega lock rubber flooring . The flooring feels great under your feet while your walking around the gym in running shoes , and provides a great level of protection to the concrete below . I liked it so much I decided to expand my gym and order a second batch . I used a straight edge and a utility knife to cut my outside edges . After about 6 passes your threw so its no big deal to fit it appropriately. The product is priced well , just the shipping is an issue if your half way across the continent , but nothing that there in control of . A friend comes in quite handy when it arrives as it is allot of weight to move , but easy to work with as the 30 inch panels as opposed to bulky and heavy rolls . I'd like to thank Ryan in sales , great guy to talk to . The product was shipped very quickly both times . Rick , Cranbrook BC Canada


Cranbrook, BC

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great gym floor. Put the mats over a concrete floor and absorbs dropping of weights very well.