Customer Reviews for: Rubber Flooring Rolls Geneva 1/4 Inch 10% Color Per SF

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Customer service was very helpful with ordering the mats. They arrived exactly when promised. The mats are excellent quality. I was pleased with the entire process.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable staff.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Beautiful product and lays very well on floated concrete. Some rubber odor once installed, so ventilation is needed. Odor dissipates and is gone in 2-3 months. Direct sunlight and heat seems to increase the odor when initially installed.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great service, great product!

Michael W Smith

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Beth was so patient with me as I decided what kind of flooring I needed for our cycling room in my fitness studio. She helped me with samples and then finally finalizing my order after all of my decision making.

five starr pilates & fitness

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


Excellent customer service, and a good product, but difficult to install.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very nice courteous service. They provided an immediate replacement for one mat which arrived damaged, and I greatly appreciate this.

Patrick Reilly

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The mat is just what I wanted.The weightroom now looks like a commercial gym.There was a mistake with the length, but was taken care of right away.

John Spek

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We had to complete a flooring renovation for a commercial gym in Florida on a very tight budget. We were provided the exact dimensions of rubber roll flooring we needed, in the exact color, with the appropriate adhesive, and instructions for installing it ourselves. Everything was drop-shipped to our doorstep, shrink wrapped on a pallet. The renovation couldnt have gone better, we were able to do it at less than 1/3 of what we were quoted locally by installers, and the flooring was installed start to finish in 3 days. We will no doubt use Greatmats again for all our flooring renovations.

Jeffrey Keller

Customer Rating: 2 Stars


Promised shipment of my mats in 1-3 days, took 3 weeks, 3 of the 5 rolls were damaged, I ordered 10% yellow fleck and got 75%, I had to meet the delivery truck in town to get my matts(end summary)? So I called greatmats and told them what I wanted, she said no problem we can do that. I asked how long for my order to ship, she said what the web site says, 1-3 days for it to ship out. I asked again, so you have 5 rolls, 28 feet long, with 10% yellow in the warehouse ready to go ? After some keyboard clicking she replied yes. Four days later I called back, not yet hearing from the shipping company. The guy said, oh, you have a special order and it hasn?t been made yet. It took me a month to get my mats. Luckily I called the delivery company because they told me, oh, the truck is out today with your mats for delivery between 3 and 5. They never called me. I left work early to sign for delivery and to unload the mats. At 4:45 the delivery truck calls and says, sorry, they didn?t put the mats on my truck. I?ll have them tomorrow. So tomorrow rolls around and the driver calls back. So where can we meet. I said I live on plenty of acreage with a large drive way and plenty of room to turn around but he was uncomfortable with that. If I didn?t have a pickup truck, I wouldn?t have been able to take delivery. The wooden pallet / skid that my matts were on was completely destroyed. One of the rolls looked like a fork lift had punctured it, and 2 of the other rolls were damaged on the ends of the roll. Luckily I had enough to do lots of extra cutting, more than doubling my installation time and was able to make them work. I would not buy from greatmats again.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We researched online many different flooring options for our private TRX studio and we are so pleased that we selected Greatmats' rolled rubber flooring. We needed a multipurpose solution for a space that serves as both reception/meeting and also as overflow space for larger classes. With a good subfloor and no use of weights, we did not need a super thick flooring material so we decided to try the 1/4 inch. It arrived with zero damage and although it took three people to carry each roll into the studio (even the 1/4 inch product is VERY heavy). With lots of angled walls and obstructions in the space we had to take our time and cut/trim very carefully (rubber is an unforgiving product obviously if you cut too much). However being a plyable product it was surprisingly easy to work with and a nice change from wood or tile. We were so taken with how easy it was to work with that I decided to tackle the stairs with it! I used some spare material to finish the wood treads and risers of the interior stairs that lead to the studio. We are very pleased with the final overall look (we chose the rolled rubber version with 10% yellow specs to match the yellow accents of the room) and we would highly recommend it!


Omaha, NE

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great experience, from order to delivery. Product is installed and I am extremely happy with it.

Carre Razzano

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Fast quotes and samples. Very good pricing and great looking product.

Chris Weaver

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Excellent customer service. I originally ordered rubber flooring for my home gym, but I made a mistake measuring, so I ended up being a couple feet short of covering the whole floor. I called the people at Greatmats, and they were able to send me some smaller tiles of the same material that I was able to cut and cover the spot, even though it was smaller than their standard minimum order. Would definitely recommend.


New York City, NY

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I ordered rubber flooring, and it arrived as advertised. Shipping wasnt cheap, but it was a lot cheaper than other companies selling similar products.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Son wanted his bedroom to look like a locker room, so off to the internet and found Great Mats. Online and phone service were great and product looks good in his room. All good with this company and product!

Dave Lieb

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Son wanted his bedroom to look like a locker room, so off to the internet and found Great Mats. Online and phone service were great and product looks good in his room. All good with this company and product!

Dave Lieb

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very pleased with product and service


Byron, GA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


This was a greaI experience and I would recommend this company to anybody.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very impressed with the quality of the rubber flooring I purchased for my home gym! I also appreciated the lower cost shipping option. The customer service was excellent and the custom cut length made my purchase much easier to install.


Lawrence, KS