Customer Reviews for: 4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Gym Rubber Floor Mats Black

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Ordered my mats 4?6 1/2" for my weight room in basement. Great product,drop 65 lbs dumbells down with no worries of damaging my beautiful Epoxy floor.great prices also.shipping was a breeze.

Frank Pittman

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Very happy with the product and the delivery everything went like clock work. Great customer service

Pete Rathgeb

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Love the mats, love the shipper. Easy to install with a cutter.

Customer T Andrew:

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From the first call, these folks were helpful. I told them what I was going to do with the flooring and they pointed me in the right direction without the sales pitch. Product is awesome and the service was great.

Omega Technology Group

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First and foremost, the product is excellent. The mats a very sturdy and have no annoying "gym mat smell" like a lot of the competitors mats do. I was very satisfied with the appearance of the mats. The price was excellent. The mats are very uniform and laid out excellently with only 2 mats out of 25 that weren't perfectly square - and those 2 were only off by 1/8". Be confident when ordering these online, it is an excellent product. The reason for deducting a star is the horrible shipping company that was used - Roadrunner Freight. If Roadrunner Freight is used to ship your order refuse to use them and specify a different freight company. They were 4 days late on delivery, promising every day "we're scheduled for this afternoon". We would wait and wait, and then at 5:00 be told "sorry, it didn't arrive at the agent in time". This happened 3 different days. The reason this was important was that we had a brand new Hoist 9-station that was to be assembled on the new mats. It ended up arriving 2 days before the mats thanks to Roadrunner's incompetence. We had to leave the 9-station in pieces around our gym as we had no place to store it. I sent my concerns with Roadrunner Freight to GreatMats and they quickly responded, telling me that they had past issues with Roadrunner Freight. I appreciated the response and hopefully they will find another freight company to deliver their excellent product.


Colorado Springs, CO

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We are well pleased with our flooring from GreatMats.


Jefferson, AR

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We are very pleased with the mats we purchased from yall. They will satisfy our needs.


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The best experience i have ever had with a sales person. Angie Hoverman she ROCKS!! Product arrived on time no damage found.Two thumbs up for the shipping dept. Aaron C. Warner


Fort Walton Beach, FL