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Customer Reviews for: Foam Tiles Wood Grain

Customer Rating:


Love my mats. Great quality and they look great in my basement. Super quick shipping and great customer service.


Orland Park, IL

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Wow - talk about instantly classing up a plain old booth. Now it looks like a 10'x10' miniature gallery instead of just another outdoor art fair tent.


Nicholasville, KY

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I love the tile mats. They look great and is so comfortable to stand on. My back never bothered me and I worked my 10 x 10 booth for 4 straight days. Great product and fast shipping. Thank You Keith


St Albert,

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I use these mats as a safe, clean play area for my baby. She seems to love them, and I do too! She is well protected from bumps when she falls, and I am well protected from any little messes she might have otherwise made on my carpet. I plan on using these below my daughters high chair when she begins to feed herself food. I have had the mats for about a month now and they seem to be holding up well. There are two small pierced holes in the mats from pointy objects. I would suggest not walking on these with shoes on, especially not with heels or shoes with sharp tread. I could see how they would be damaged easily. The laminate is glued on well, and there was no unusual smell from the foam when I first received them. The company was fast, polite, and quickly resolved an issue that I had. Thank you for a great product!


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating:


This is a great product that has helped us out immensely! We bought it mainly for our 9-month old twins so that they won't fall and hit their heads on a hard, rough floor. Now they can tumble and fall without worry of injury or pain. It also looks great and is hard to distinguish from a real hard wood floor from a distance.


Odenton, MD

Customer Rating:


The mats are great and the make our Home show area light up. Geart product. Thank you


Austin, TX

Customer Rating:


We used the mats in our both at the San Antonio stock show. It made all of the difference in the both both for the look and the comfort. Thanks Larry


Seguin, TX

Customer Rating:


We really like our mat so far. We wanted something child friendly for our 6-month old, but also something decor friendly. This accomplishes both. I'm glad I went with this one because it is a bit thicker than others I looked at. We have a tile floor that has some uneven edges and I think the extra thickness is good. Our baby has toppled over from a sitting position and it doesn't seem to hurt her a bit. Based on other reviews, I'm a bit worried about how it will wear (particularly with scratches), but after a month or so it is looking great.


Columbus, OH

Customer Rating:


Looks great, scuffs very easily. Can not wear high heels on it or use for a gym floor. We have it in our playroom and there is a no shoe policy. Would recommend for little kids, very soft.


Pembroke Pines, FL

Customer Rating:


Most excellent! I've had a huge number of compliments on how comfortable these mats are, yet how they enhance the appearance of my basement (where I put them). Wonderful for home gyms, basements, etc. Highly recommended!


Medford Lakes, NJ

Customer Rating:


They arrived rather quickly, the quality is GREAT. They were a gift for my boyfriend to use in his studio in our basement, the mats make the room look so much nicer and were very easy to install. Thank you for a great product we will definitely keep GREATMATS in mind for future orders:)


Cohocton, NY

Customer Rating:


We are very happy with the product. All our friends and family have inquired about it and will probably being using it when they remodel mainly in the basement. Kudos


West Chester, PA

Customer Rating:


The mats were delivered quickly and in excellent condition. I and my wife installed this directly on top of a concrete basement floor in a room we use as a home gym. It took us about two hours start to finish to install 70 panels into 266 square feet, using standard 6" scissors to trim to fit where needed. While they are machine-cut, they are not perfect, I would say they fit together at about the 98% level, there are some small gaps (1/16th of an inch is the biggest) you could see if I pointed them out to you that otherwise you would not notice. We have received a lot of compliments about how it looks, and how it feels underfoot. It has actually fooled a few people, they thought it was real wood and were a little startled when they stepped on it. I was a little concerned about durability, but so far it has held up well in two months of light use. There are some scratches, but at the affordable price these sell for, I figure if one of the panels starts to truly look bad I can just replace that panel. We are extremely pleased, this was a smart investment, a great-looking and inexpensive way to floor that room. If I could change one thing, I would make the width of the printed-on "planks" a more standard three inches instead of the approx. one inch they actually are.


Denver, CO

Customer Rating:


They are great! I need more!


Ramsey, NJ

Customer Rating:


We like our great mats. They look like the sample, were easy to cut, and easy to put together. They are comfortable to walk on. However, they are easily punctured and our dogs do put punctures in them with their claws when the run around on them. I take a magic marker and color where the white shows through, and it isn't so noticeable.


Lexington, KY

Customer Rating:


Easiest mats ever! We received so many compliments on the quality, cushioning and appearance. Easy to assemble and then later take apart.


Oxford, PA

Customer Rating:


We love it. The color looks so much better than we expected and visitors seem to really like the comfort even though it's a temporary situation to help our baby learn to walk without hurting himself on our tile.


Spring Valley, CA

Customer Rating:


It's great. I love it. It reduces my leg fatigue and allows me to stand longer.


Riverton, UT

Customer Rating:


These mats are wonderful. We have received many compliments on them. Our daughter just rolled around on them for days after we put them down.



Customer Rating:


Wonderful product! Everyone loves these mats...........I get lots of compliments! Thanks! Will highly recommend!


E Brunswick, NJ