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Customer Reviews for: Foam Tiles Wood Grain

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My comments are the same as before. The wood grain mats are lovely and easy to install even in kitchens with strange angles. The surface does not hold up under the traffic and spills of the kitchen, and gradually darkens and gets splotches of missing surface. This product is such a boon to people with leg and back problems and who cannot spend time standing or working on anything harder. It would be wonderful if the surface could be engineered to have greater resiliance and strength against wear in a kitchen or other popular shoe-worn home environment.



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I really like the realistic look of the wood grain foam tiles. We set up a decent sized tent in our backyard for our son to use as a "hideaway/clubhouse" and these tiles act as a soft but good looking floor. I gave the printed catalog to my friend who has a fitness trainer for a wife looking for foam tiles. I like the variety of products and quality of the items you offer. Thanks, Larry


Sherman Oaks, CA

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They are great

Rene Rud

Victorville, CA

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Material was light weight and easy to assemble. It looks good and it cushions your steps helping alleviate back pain associated with walking on cement floors. We used this at a trade show and the material made our booth stand our from all the other booths using rented carpet. My one complaint is the durability. One of our female team members was wearing high heels and everywhere she stepped on the flooring it either left and indent or actually punched a hole through it. I would buy the product again but I felt it should have had some kind of shoe disclaimer or warning with it.


lenexa, KS

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These mats are great!!! This is my second order and the first set lasted 2 years on an outside patio, through the rain and my puppy running around. I highly recommend then instead of any outside carpet or patio covers.


Gainesville, FL

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Love the cushiony feel and the color is great !


La Grange Park, IL

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These mats suit our needs perfectly! We do trade shows every weekend and we use two or four depending on our space. They have reduced our fatigue and they look nicer than the cheap ones we had before and the price was perfectly. Phil and Beth Knoll Madwind Outdoors


Jacksons Gap, AL

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Love the product and looking forward to the comfort at our next trade show in October.


Nevis, MN

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Amazing customer service, and so easy to make a bare room into something beautiful and useable!


Medford Lakes, NJ

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This product is very attractive and easy for a lay person to install and replace. While it was designed for stocking feet sports applications, it has a great future for kitchen and other home floors for people with back problems that are exacerbated by hard floors. This is where we use it. Unfortunately the surface becomes pock marked as a result of kitchen wear. I have tried to replicate the pocking and cannot, but it happens. Happily the damaged tiles can be changed out with new ones. It just is a cost. If the product were designed for heavier wear and tear, it would be worth paying more at the start to not have to keep paying more along the way. Hopefully the product stays available for some time.



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We use this for every trade show and are the envy. Comfortable, looks good, and easy to put in and take up. LOVE IT! The only way to survive an 8+ hour trade show.


Dolgeville, NY

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This looks and feels great! It came right away and was super easy to install. I have recommended it to others!



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We used the floor for a vendor booth at a volleyball tournament. It looked great and helped alleviate the stress of standing on our feet for 8 days. We will be shipping it to other events to use this Spring. thanks!


Carson City, NV

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What a great product! It's so soft under the feet, and nice and warm under bare feet, even on an uninsulated floor at -20oC. I can send a picture if you want.


Haliburton, ON

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Great product although some pieces seemed not to fit each other. We had to "hide" those pieces in the corners. Other than that the floor looks great and is very comfortable to walk or sit on.


farmington hills, MI

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Great, so easy to use, looks does however dent if you put heavy stuff on it, like furniture, so use furniture pads under legs/feet of furniture...would definitely recommend it!


Ellicott City, MD

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I purchased and installed the light wood mats as a new floor over ceramic tile in our kitchen area. This was to accommodate people post back surgery and with other back problems who had scattered foam mats around the tile floor hodgepodge. The mats are lovely and easy to install even for me a layman. Unfortunately splotches of the wood surface started disappearing. They are rounded forms, some small (1/4" diameter) and some larger and irregular (maybe 1" diameter). I have tried to replicate these surface losses by dripping hot water, hot grease, etc and cannot replicate the cause. But these spots of surface loss just keep coming in the kitchen area. I have decided to live with the problem and just order replacement mats to have on hand and then change out the worst offenders. It will be more challenging where I had to cut the mat to fit, but I love the floor too much to let that stop me. I understand that the mats were designed for stocking feet or bare feet, and our kitchen is a shoe wearing location. Maybe a subset of these mats could be designed with a more robust surface to be sold into the back injury market rather than limiting the intended market to the indoor sports. Overall, a great product.



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I've had wood-grain GreatMats on my kitchen floor for over 9 months, and I absolutely LOVE them! I have deformed feet which make it very painful to walk on hard surfaces, and these mats make my floor completely comfortable. People are always surprised when they first walk into my kitchen and they sink down gently. I have learned that if I drop a sharp knife at a certain angle it might take a little gouge out of the surface (the wood-grain is only printed very thinly on top, which I wish they would fix). And I found that if I try to vacuum this floor, I run into a walls and cabinets, and the brush from the vacuum cleaner has a chance to stay in one spot for a few seconds, and scrubs off the print in that area. I've found an acrylic paint to disguise those flaws, though. So far, simple walking and standing have not worn through the design. I would definitely use this product again, and highly recommend it. It may not last forever, but my kitchen floor cost less than a nice night out at dinner and entertainment for 4.


Austin, TX

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Love the pattern, looks great, not tacky for being a foam wood floor. Can barely tell where pieces fit together. Love the ease of use; putting down, cleaning. Love the cushion; not too soft, not too firm. The only negative is that the finish comes off easily. Must sweep, not vacuum. Was dismayed that when wiping up some stuck on food with a washrag, the print/finish rubbed off. Overall, considering the price; so glad we found it.


Vineland, NJ

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Awesome product! Looks great, easy to put down and care for, and very easy to move and reconfigure if necessary. LOTS of great uses!


Medford Lakes, NJ