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Customer Reviews for: Foam Tiles Wood Grain

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Customer Rating:


Super chic and durable!!! I regret not getting this sooner when I had my first kid.


South san Francisco, CA

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looks good. no flaws


stockton, CA

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I'm very sorry but I am not happy with this product. It looks great, feels great but the surface after just a few weeks is coming off. I think it's something that's easy to install but has a very short operational lifetime. I installed it in my 240 square foot artists studio. I do small still life paintings and just walk around in the studio with tennis shoes. The surface to the foam is extremely fragile. It is a very temporary (but nice looking) product. Hopefully their other products are of higher quality and more robust. Sorry to not be more positive.



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I use Greatmats interlocking light wood floor tiles for my craft booth. It makes it look like a high end store or an art gallery. I get so many comments and refer all inquiries to your website. I love my floor!


Boca Raton, FL

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Great service from great mats. The product was good quality but trying to line up all the wood grains was impossible, causing the intersections of the tiles to be somewhat visible. Held up well enough at our tradeshow that we should be able to use it for at least one more show.


Huntsville, AL

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I keep buying more and more. I actually prefer the reversible woodgrain floor tiles, but these are great, too. My wife and I like to have a fun and safe place for our little grandchildren to run and play and crawl and romp, and these are terrific for that purpose. They are easy to install, light weight, excellent quality, and always arrive promptly. We have two rooms completely covered and will be doing more.


Naples, FL

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I love my floor! I have had it for 3 years and use in my art show booth on weekends during the season in Florida, October to May. I can't count the number of comments I get about it and have told countless people where they can purchase it. I have had one or two problems with it. For some reason about a third of my tiles went ''dull''. Perhaps it was the heat here or maybe humidity. It occurred all at once. They just gave up the ghost some to speak. Granted, I had them for two years. Went I went to replace them the price, shipping terms, and minimum order had changes. But after I complained the customer service at Great Mats was terrific and agreed to all my requests. So now my floor is lovely again.



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Product was really great - was easy and quick to install and looked excellent. Another benefit was that the foam cushioning made it more comfortable than carpet when standing for three days. In addition, rather than waste the fee for hiring carpet from the conference organisers, we were able to donate the 'floor' to a group of people who were going to use it in their community hall - so there was no need to throw it away at the end of the conference. This means less crap going into landfill sites or the incinerator. We also had an excellent assistant who was great to deal with. She made it all so easy.


Christchurch, CO

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Love the mats.


Glen Allen, VA

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We used this product for water-proof, mold-resistant flooring in our basement. It looks fantastic- you can't see the vast majority of the seams, and only from certain angles (we chose the cork finish). It went down like a dream- cutting the edges was relatively painless (molding took care of any imperfections). The only thing that we are currently dealing with is how fragile the finish is. We have already managed to scratch it in two places, and it went down two days ago. I knew this was a possibility after reading other reviews, but didn't expect it to be THAT easy to do. We are going to ask all guests to take their shoes off when in the basement, and need to look into extra thick padding to put on the chairs/stools. Other than that, we love it. Love the look. Love the feel. Love hoe easy it was to install.


Oak Park, MI

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Great product...better then expected . Got the shipment about 2 weeks sooner then expected after being told the style we ordered was out of stock. Installation went smooth . Would buy again and tell others to buy.


Bradenton, FL

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Customer Rating:


Great Floor for a trade show. Light to carry around. Sets up fast. Comfortable and little to no cleaning day to day at the show. Guys lugging carpets were jealous.