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Customer Reviews for: Foam Tiles Wood Grain

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We finished a room in our basement for a den and your foam flooring is on the concrete floor in it. The foam makes the usually cold concrete comfortably warm enough to sit on. It's so easy to install my wife did it herself. She found it easy to cut and fit along shorter walls. When shopping we were very impressed with the number of patterns and colors, especially the choice of 3 different wood grain patterns. So far we are really satisfied customers.


Gordon, WI

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We have purchased mats from Greatmats for our trade shows for the last 2 years and have had good service and received a good product.

Bouldin and Lawson LLC

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My order came very quickly and was just what I wanted.


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Love this flooring in my art studio! It was easy to install, is very comfortable to stand on and looks great..


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Beautiful tiles! Look like wood!


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The online ordering process went smoothly and delivery was on time. Simple to put down, floor looks great.


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Thank you Joanne Schmidt!!! Your knowledge of rubber flooring was EXACTLY what I needed. You answered any and all questions I asked. I knew from that initial conversation and before I received the samples, that I was going to make the purchase. The faux wood foam tiles were better looking and slightly thicker (a WONDERFUL surprise) than I expected! Thanks Great Mats!


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I love the mats. They look awesome and feel wonderful. Finding this product solved my basement flooring problem quick and simple also somewhat cheap. Thanks for the quick honest response to my inquiry before the purchase. Love it.


babylon, NY

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Great product at a fair price with excellent customer service


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This was a complicated purchase for me - your website made it clear and helpful for me to order and make a simple purchase. You helped me order the correct amount for the area I have. Also, you have a phone number that I called and gained additional information - excellent customer service! Excellent product!

Christine branson

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Looks great. Easy to use.


Kerrville, TX

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Really great - fast and accurate sales experience.


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I havent had time to install them yet but they look like a real nice product.


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Best quality for the price. Delivery was quick. Just what we were looking for.


Glendale Heights, IL

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I was looking for a floor covering that I could put over a concrete floor in my basement bedroom. We had some issues with water getting in and I wanted something that I could pick up and make sure there was no water or if there was, I could clean up. I look at the outdoor floor tiles made out of wood and they were over $1,000 for our room. It cost us around $360 to do our room and it was a larger room. I love these mats. They look so nice - so much better than the ugly carpet/concrete that was there before. There is only one downside, and I don't really consider it an issue. You can see where the mats come together. Do not let your pest roughhouse on them. But I think they look awesome. We're considering buying some more to do in our family room.



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The look is fantastic and the customer service is just as great. However, I would recommended the darker wood reversible tile - as the inside foam color is a dark tan. The ones I bought is wood on top but white foam inside. The top scratches VERY easily - and then there are white scratch marks on the tiles b/c the inside o the tile is bright white. (see photo) Had I known this, I would have ordered the reversible wood grain so if scratched, then it's not bright white. Otherwise, great look for a wood floor at fraction of the price and functional.


Westbury, NY

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Great product! Thick, well constructed mats. Design and color matched photos


Newark, DE

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We absolutely love these foam tiles!!! We use it for our basement/ family room. The original flooring is ceramic tiles, and it feels very cold when you walk on it. I don't know if it's the thickness of the mat or the material, it blocks out the cold from the ground. It looks very nice and also very comfy to walk and stand on it. Our 9 month old son loves to crawl around on it. Recently he started to stand on his own so he falls a lot and these mats are perfect for our baby's activities. I used to feel the pain on my knees when I was down on the floor playing with him, but not anymore. Our friends who saw the floor all love it very much. Highly recommend!


Watertown, MA

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Love it so far. Easy to install. Looks great. The price was right.


Greeley, KS

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Just about every room in our building is used by multiple groups 6+ days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM. The Little Lambs, who meet with Coffee Break on Wednesday mornings needed a spot where they could have their snacks. The library was a great spot. Turns out kids spill things though, and the carpet in the library isn't compatible with spilled kool-aid. What we needed was a section with hardwood flooring. Our problem was solved in about 20 minutes using snap together foam tiles: Not only was it quick and fairly inexpensive, it also adds padding to the area and spills clean up quickly & easily.


Sunnyside, WA