Customer Reviews for: Geneva Rubber Tile 3/8 Inch 10% Color

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I installed these tiles in a home fitness room about a year ago. I waited to write this to see how the floor would hold up. Well after a year I couldn’t be more pleased. I contacted customer service and provided them with a hand sketch and measurements of the room layout. They assisted me with selecting the correct tiles to help minimize my cuts and waist. Installation was a breeze. The flooring was extremely easy to cut and fit together perfectly. There was a strong odor initially, but it dissipated fairly quickly, a couple months. did steam mop the floor a couple times after I completed the installation which I think help curb the odor immensely.


Orlando, Florida

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They’re very easy to clean. They also provide a bit of comfort for kids playing with building blocks and were really simple to install. They’ve been really durable as well.

Stacy K

Golden Valley, MN

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Great Company. Beth sent me samples of what I needed right away to make my decision easier. Shipping was quick and easy. I will be a continued customer. Thank you Greatmats


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Customer service was excellent. Mats look very nice and are easy to lay but the mats were just dropped at a door and no one was notified of the delivery.


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Customer rep was excellent, great product, website needs work and freight only option adds cost.


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We installed this product in our basement workshop area which required cutting around legs for workbench, legs for storage shelves and the furnace to name a few. It was easier to do than we originally expected thanks to the great idea of using our jigsaw for long cuts. For shorter cuts we used a utility knife which worked fine if the blades were replaced when starting to dull. Floor looks very, very good and we expect it to meet our needs for a long time. We are pleased with the look and feel of the product. Glad we chose Great Mats and would recommend their products to others.


Centerville, OH

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They were easy to work with and talked me through what I would need to order. Quick and easy


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This product was easy to install, shipped quickly, and we received great help from the salesperson, Beth. She sent samples and walked us through our choices. Looks great; nice surface to work out on.


Freeville, NY

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I ordered the 3ft x 3ft rubber mats to replace my homes exercise rooms foam mats. The foam mats were slippery, loose, and showed signs of degrading, although they had only been worked out on for about two years. We are not that tough on mats, even though our workouts range from high intensity (HIT) stuff to yoga, so a firm and non-slip floor is preferred and necessary. Since receiving the new Greatmats, we have worked out on them several times, and so far they are perfect! The reason I say this is that, unlike our old foam matting, these dont move around, yet because they are rubber they do provide a firm non-slip footing. So far they seem like a durable product that will not degrade, but Ill know more about that after a couple of years of use. I especially appreciate the ability to request samples on the Greatmats website, specifically their teams response to my request, as they promptly sent me the sample that I requested. Most likely I would not have placed an order, had I not had this sample in-hand to see and feel the products quality, since these mats are rather expensive, yet well worth the investment!

Thomas Honey

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We decided to turn an old external garage into a pool house/game room/man cave, and were conflicted about what surface would best serve all intended uses. While skiing, we saw a rubberized integrated mat surface being used at the top of the Gold Coast Funitel lift at Squaw Valley, and determined that if it could stand that kind of abuse, it would be perfect to install over our concrete floor. It is perfect!!! We are so happy. It is a perfect flooring for bare feet, sandals, boots, or shoes. Wet feet dont skid. And it keeps sound reflection down in the room. No echoes. Not hard to install if you plan ahead. My wife says it looks like it was poured in place by a pro. Thats good.

Anonymous and Satisfied!

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If youve ever built a house, you know that there are hundreds of decisions to make. Great Mats made the selection of flooring for our exercise room easy. Ordering was a piece of cake, and delivery was seamless. One less thing to think about. Thanks!

Michelle LeCompte

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On the delivery day for my order my city decided to chop up the streets in front of my home making a delivery impossible. I was able to contact customer service and they rescheduled the delivery and followed up with me twice to confirm everything. The delivery person was very polite and amenable to the difficult delivery on the rescheduled date. Though I was concerned with the shipping costs I now look and see that 300+ pounds of materials are what they are. Overall, the price was more than fair and the customer service was well above expected. Very satisfied customer.

Fred Bertetta

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The product was great! It looks great. It came quickly.


Charlotte, NC

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Purchased 3 foot interlocking rubber mats for our home gym. Installed them myself in an afternoon. Easy to work with and seams are almost invisible. Also easy to cut and position. The floor looks great. High quality tiles and they had no appreciable odor.

Robert Rowland

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The product arrived on time. It was easy to work with and install. The product looks great. The Great Mats personnel were very professional and informative.

Pinnacle Canyon Condominium Association

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Great product! Delivery was quick. Self installation was fairly easy (keep a sharp blade and measure at least twice before cutting). Product quality is exceptional - tile colors all matched and the jigsaw fit was perfect. Depending on the lighting, you often cannot see where the tiles are connected together. I would highly recommend this product - and may eventually install this flooring in another room. Thanks GreatMats!


Leesburg, VA

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Excellent product and very easy to install. The delivery was received within a week of the order and came fully secured on a pallet. It makes my home gym look like a professional mini-gym. I had to cut a few pieces for a custom look but that was very simple to do. I primarily do P90X so it is great for making a soft service when doing Plyometrics and other P90X moves. Bring it!!

John J.

Orchard Park, NY