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Greatmats Wood Grain Foam Floor Tiles Comparison - Reversible vs. NonReversible

Date Published: 04-27 - 2016

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Let’s compare interlocking wood grain foam tiles.

These puzzle style modular floor tiles are designed for to provide a wood grain floor look with cushion and easy installation.

Interlocking wood grain foam tiles are commonly used for trade shows, basements and home exercise areas. Greatmats offers them in both reversible and nonreversible options.

Our foam woodgrain tiles are 2x2 feet in size and made of 1/2 inch thick waterproof EVA foam. And while both offer excellent cushion, the reversible tiles are slightly softer with a Shore C hardness rating of between 30-35 while the non reversible tiles fall in 35-40 Shore C range.

Both are available in three woodgrain pattern options. Greatmats reversible tiles are available in standard, light and dark wood grain options on one side while the opposite side is tan.

Our non-reversible Foam Tile Wood Grain give you dark or light wood grains as well as a cork pattern option. The backside of these tiles are an unfinished white.

All Wood Grain surfaces feature a smooth texture. The non-reversible tiles have a glossier finish than that of the reversible tiles. The tan side of the reversible tiles offers a scuff resistant thatch texture.

While both utilize a puzzle style design, reversible wood grain foam tiles are directional and the non-reversible form uses a universal interlock design, meaning they can be connected in any direction.

Both options include two border strips per tile for finished edges and can be cleaned by a broom or damp mop.

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