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Comparing 1x2 Meter Martial Arts Mats

Date Published: 03-24 - 2017

Let’s compare traditional 1x2 meter martial arts mats.

These professional martial arts mats are designed to provide a safe and hygienic training surface for martial arts training and competition.

Greatmats offers two styles of Green Hill traditional 1x2 meter martial arts mats that have been approved for international competition by governing bodies such as the International Judo Federation and PanAmerican Judo Federation.

Our traditional martial arts mats are available in either 1.5 or 2 inch thicknesses optoin. The 1.5 inch thick Judo mats feature a tatami textured vinyl surface for increased grip, while the 2 inch thick MMA mats offer a smooth surface that is less likely to contribute to skin burns.

Both utilize a 100 percent rebounded polyurethane foam core known for providing superior cushion against falls. The difference is - the foam in the Judo mats is slightly more dense than the foam in our MMA mats - a difference of 15 pounds per cubic feet vs. 13.11 pounds per cubic feet.

Both are custom handmade and utilize a hygienic vinyl cover and anti-skid waffle bottom surface. These mats are made of the highest quality materials in Europe and craftsmanship and carry 5 year warranties.

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