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Tumbling Mats For Home - Tumbling Mats for Sale

Date Published: 02-25 - 2019

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Greatmats folding home tumbling mats are the perfect surface for kids to practice their tumbling skills and techniques at home.

With an ideal 1.5 inch thickness, they offer excellent impact absorption while keeping the mats lightweight and easy to store when folded.

At four feet wide and eight feet long, the mats are wide enough for tumblers to fit on comfortably and long enough to keep them on the mat when stretching out.

If longer runs are need for tumbling passes, multiple mats can be connected in any direction due to the hook and loop connector strips on all four sides.

Greatmats home tumbling mats will accommodate stretches, rolls and even jumps without impeding movements and while protecting tumblers against fatigue and serious injury.

These affordably-price mats don’t sacrifice on quality either as they are covered with kid safe 18 oz vinyl and constructed with double stitched seams.

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