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Garage Floor Tile Comparison Video - Raised vs. HiddenLock

Learn the difference between this PVC and Polypropylene Garage Floor Tiles

How to Choose the Best Indoor Playground Flooring

Indoor Playground Flooring Surfaces - comparing plastic vs. foam vs. rubber. Check out this to determine the top option for you!

What Is The Best Strength and Conditioning Turf

Strength and conditioning turf will provide a safe and stable surface work muscle and endurance building workouts.

DIY Basement Flooring How To, Installing Basement Flooring

DIY basement flooring can be installed easily using the appropriate flooring products from Greatmats. Use this guide to install basement flooring. Click here now.

Noise Reducing XFit Gym Flooring - CrossFit Duluth Testimonial

Cross Fitness gym uses sound proof gym flooring to cushion crashing weights, reduce fatigue and conquer noise transfer in northern Minnesota.

What's the difference between non slip patio tiles for outside?

Need to update the flooring of your patio? Read this article to learn the differences between various forms of non-slip outdoor patio tiles.

How to Eliminate Noise Complaints From Cross Fitness Gyms

Soundproof XFit Gym Flooring Sterling interlocking weight lifting floor tiles help eliminate noise complaints

Pro MMA Mats Smooth Introduction Video

Greatmats offers another elite training surface for BJJ and MMA practictioners.

Plyometric Rubber Roll Gym Mats - HB Fitness Testimonial

Learn how this Minnesota based fitness center get the most out of Greatmats Plyometric Rubber Flooring.

Outdoor Flooring Options and Services For Over Grass, Decks and More

Get the most out of your outdoor spaces with Greatmats extensive selection of outdoor flooring options.

Safety Pool Decking - Unity School District

Discover how the switch from tile to Life Floor Pool Decking has eased concerns and made the Unity School District Swimming Pool a safer place to swim.

Ergo Matta CushionTred Solid Tiles Product Features

Ergo Matta CushionTred Soild Tiles provide many benefits to your home gyms, playrooms and more.

Greatmats Swimming Pool Decks Options and Service Video

Gym Rubber Floor will help you pick out the perfect swimming pool decking solution at the best price available. View our rubber pavers &amp; plastic, foam, turf &amp; wood tiles.

Greatmats Rooftop Tiles Options and Services Video

Make the most of your rooftop space with Greatmats Rooftop Tiles. We'll help you sort through the options to find the best ones for you.

Wash Stall Mats for Horses Video with Kelly (Murphy-Alley) Curry

Equine Wash Stall Mats from Greatmats have been a welcome addition to Kelly (Murphy-Alleys) Curry's Horse Wash Bay at Striking KMA Performance Horses.

Pro MMA Mats Smooth Features and Benefits Video

Greatmats introduces its latest Martial Arts Mat designed for throwing and grappling arts. The Pro MMA Mat with a Smooth Surface.

Garage Dance Flooring - Josie Stewart Testimonial

Garage dance flooring makes COVID-19 quarantine period bearable for Stewart family in south Florida.

Turf Athletic Padded Interlocking Tiles - Features and Benefits Video

Padded artificial turf for athletic installations such as soccer football and track and field.

GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tiles Features and Benefits Video

The GreatDeck PVC Deck Tiles are perfect for wet outdoor areas - including uneven surfaces. View our video here to learn more about the features &amp; benefits.

Staylock Tiles with Bump Top for Home Gyms and Anti-fatigue Matting

Staylock Tiles with a Bump Top are great for installing a home gym floor over carpet. They also provide cushioning and fatigue relief over concrete.

Sterling Playground Tile 3.25 Features and Benefits Video

Learn what makes Greatmats Sterling Playground tiles at a 3.25 inch thickness special.

Touring Ballet Dance Subfloor - St. Paul Ballet

Discover the places the St. Paul Ballet travels to and uses Greatmats Pro Dance Subfloor Elite, providing a sturdy yet cushioned surface for the dancers.

The Best Interlock Flooring Styles - Connecting Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles and mats come in many forms. The material type and intended purpose often contribute to the style of interlock used.

What Is the Best Material for Playground Surfaces?

Playground surfaces come in many form and materials. Some materials are made for outdoor playground while other are great for indoor playground surfaces. Shop now!