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The Many Uses of Home Rubber Flooring Rolls

Greatmats customers give feedback on how they use 1/4 inch thick 4x10 foot rubber flooring rolls. Their responses might surprise you!

Interlocking Rubber Gym Tiles, Gym Turf - Ferris State University

Interlocking rubber gym tiles and artificial turf help Ferris State University utilize space in Racquet and Fitness Center more efficiently.

Martial Arts Mats - Dogo Krav Maga Testimonial

Discover how a purchase of used mats turned turned Dogo Krav Maga owner and instructor Gustavo Desperatti into a loyal Greatmats customer.

What Is The Best Jump Rope Mat?

Here are the best jump rope mat and flooring options available for aerobic and cardio exercises such as P90x, HIIT and Insanity.

Competitive Fitness Room Flooring Options

Rubber flooring options for cross fitness training and competitions are great for all gyms and fitness rooms where free weights and body weight exercises are practiced.

Muay Thai Mats - Tysons City Boxing Testimonial

Muay Thai champion Dean Burr uses Greatmats martial arts mats at his Tysons City Boxing facility in Vienna, Virginia.

Playground Mats vs. Mulch - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Compare playground mats against rubber and wood mulch to discover if interlocking playground mats are a better fit for your space. Read more in this post.

Weight Lifting Mats for Resistance Training

Weight lifting mats are available in hundreds of different forms. Let Greatmats staff guide you through choosing from among the best resistance training mats for sale.

L.E. Phillips Senior Center - Aerobic Flooring - Eau Claire, WI

With more than 2,000 members, L.E. Phillips Senior Center has gotten a lot of use out of its Max Tile Aerobic Dance Floors over the course of 4 1/2 years.

Discover A Horse Stall Mat That Matches Your Style

Horse Stall Mats provide strength & stability under any size horse. These mats work with any type of horseshoes & are resistant to abrasions. Read more here.

4x6 Textured Rubber Mats for Gym and Horse Stalls

Learn the benefits of the 4x6 foot rubber Sundance horse stall mats for home and commercial gym use as well as horse stalls. View our video today.

Top 5 Floors for Dog Daycares

Whether your doggy daycare needs flooring for training spaces, play areas or kennels, Greatmats has a solution you'll love.

Ergonomic Flooring - Choosing the best ergonomic floor mats

Learn what design feature makes good anti-fatigue floor mats, from construction to firmness to material type and more.

Playground Surfacing - Poured vs. Tiles vs. Crumb Fill Rubber Surfaces

The face of playground surfacing is changing. Here, we compare rubber tiles with poured-in-place and crumb rubber to find out which playground surfacing is best.

What Can I Use for Stall Wall Mats?

Horse stall wall mat options include everything from rubber mats to rubber rolls and interlocking high density eva foam tiles.

How Do You Determine The Most Durable Flooring?

The most durable flooring will take into account multiple qualities that make it durable such as impact, water, scratch, spark resistance and more.

Thickness Guide for Rubber Horse Stall Mats

What is the best rubber horse stall mat thickness? When choosing a thin or cheap horse stall mat versus a thick high quality rubber stall mat what is the tradeoff??

Interlocking Gym Mats - ShokLok Rubber Tiles

Reduce gym noise and vibration with rugged and durable rubber shoklok tiles, which can handle any abuse thrown their way and remain gentile on the skin.

How to Install a Home Marley Dance Floor Over Carpet or Concrete

Comparing Marley Dance Floors Video Installing Over Concrete or Carpet is easy with blog.

Plyometrics Gym Flooring For At Home

Plyometric rubber gym flooring rolls for home gyms are cushioned and durable with a non slip surface. Try them today.

Top 5 Playground Tiles and Interlocking Pavers

Different outdoor playground tiles are designed with different features and functions in mind. Here are the top 5 playground tiles.

Playground Floor Tile Thickness for Fall Safety

How thick should my playground tiles or mats be - Find playground flooring in tiles and mats in various thicknesses for fall height protection.

Best Outdoor Patio Tiles - The Top 5 Backyard Floors

When it comes to outdoor patio flooring, top products keep in mind style, safety, customer satisfaction, price and uniqueness.

2x2 Rubber Mats - Sundance Interlocking Tiles

2x2 Foot Interlocking Sundance Tiles Feature Many Features and Benefits. This rubber puzzle mat is great for horse stalls and home gyms.