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Play Puzzle Mat Uses - EVA Foam Squares

Greatmats customers have found numerous uses for the Play Mat 4 Pack Foam Tiles. From living rooms to camping to construction, they serve many purposes.

Interlocking Park Playground Mats - Rubber Outdoor Safety Flooring

Greatmats stocks interlocking rubber playground tiles with a six foot critical fall height rating. These work great as park playground mats for child safety

Sterling Playground Tile 3.25 Features and Benefits Video

Learn what makes Greatmats Sterling Playground tiles at a 3.25 inch thickness special.

Top 7 Uses of Home Tatami Sport Tile 20 mm

Home Tatami Sport Tile uses go well beyond the dojo. Take a look at a few other ways Greatmats customers have used the foam tiles.

The Best Home Gymnastics Tumbling Mats for Cheap

Greatmats discount gym mats are perfect for kids wanting to practice their tumbling at home. The folding mats are easy to install and store.

Jiu Jitsu Mat Comparison: Roll Out, Folding, Tatami, Puzzle, Home

Jiu Jitsu Mat options include traditional 1x2 meter jiujitsu mats, puzzle mats, rollout mats and folding mats. Let's compare the best jujitsu mats.

ProCourt Snap Together Gym Floor Tiles for Sport Courts

Learn how Greatmats ProCourt Gym Floor Tiles combine style, functionality and convenience into one for portable basketball court flooring.

Mats for Yoga, Kids, Dog Agility and Kickboxing - 20 mm Foam Mats

Home Exercise and Play Mats from Greatmats are perfect for yoga flooring, kids play mats, dog agility mats, kickboxing mats and much more.

Professional Martial Arts Mats For Home

Professional martial arts training mats have many options. Here are the best for your home or professional training spaces.

Top Indoor Turf Options for Indoor Batting Cages

This guide will help you choose the best artificial turf for batting cages and other indoor baseball practice areas. Read morew now.

What is the Best Flooring for Dog Agility Training at Home?

The best indoor home dog agility training floor will offer shock absorption, cushioning, traction, and durability for dogs to train at home without fatigue or injury.

EPDM Rubber Flooring Playground Surfaces and Mats

EPDM rubber flooring for playgrounds can be used for indoor and outdoor use and can be found at

What Are Garage Floor Mats?

Garage floor mats will provide protection for the subfloor in the garage, which is likely concrete.

Wall Mat Options and Services

Provide the most safety you can for your training spaces other padded areas with the addition of one of Greatmats dozens of Wall Padding Options.

What type of floor mats offer the most padding?

Greatmats identifies padded floor mats products that provide cushioning and a padded surface for kitchens, kids rooms, family room and more.

What Size Mat Should I Use for Gymnastics?

Learn a little about choosing the right size of gymnastics mats for your gym, home or school with this Greatmats guide.

What is the Best Flooring for an Indoor Playground?

Greatmats identifies the 4 best flooring products for an indoor playground that provide excellent fall protection, safety and durability.

Weight Lifting Mats for Resistance Training

Weight lifting mats are available in hundreds of different forms. Let Greatmats staff guide you through choosing from among the best resistance training mats for sale.

How Thick Should a Gymnastic Mat Be?

Greatmats offers the best tumbling mats. Here, we offer a guide to picking the right thickness for your gymnastic floor depending on the person and activity.

What's the Best Floor For a Cross Fitness Gym?

The best xfit flooring option for gym and competition venues including rubber flooring rolls and tiles as well as stall mats.

Foam Flooring Tiles: Commonly Overlooked Benefits

Beyond nursery flooring, foam floor tiles have endless uses due to their pricing, easy installation, creative options and versatility.

What are the best flooring materials for dog agility?

Greatmats discusses what the best flooring materials are for dog agility training. Specialized floors include foam, artificial turf and rubber, which provide cushioning.

Thick Foam Mats - The Best Foam Flooring Tiles and Padding

Choosing the best thickness of foam flooring including mats, tiles and rolls, for any occasion. Padded floors are a great asset for safety and comfort.

Permanent vs. Portable Dance Flooring

Discover the differences between portable and permanent dance floors and how they are constructed.