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What are the Key Components to Aerobic Exercise Flooring?

The best forms of flooring for aerobic exercises like Jazzercise, Tae Bo, Insanity, P90X, Pilates, Pilates, Kickboxing and Yoga

Home Gym Flooring Options - Rubber vs. Foam

Trying to find the best flooring for your home gym? The two top options are rubber and form. But which is better? We break down the pros and cons of each here.

What are the Best Box Jump Mats?

Learn what the best mats are for box jumps. Greatmats identifies 6 top products used for crossfit workouts and exercises like box jumps.

Home Workout Mat Comparison Video - Rollout, Folding and Puzzle Mats

Discover which home workout mat best fits your needs. Rollout mats vs. Folding Mats vs. Puzzle Mats

Gym Flooring and Mats - Ignite Total Fitness Testimonial

Discover why this Madison gym known for its weight loss boot camps finds it beneficial to be equipped with Greatmats rubber flooring and folding gym mats.

Training Mats for Martial Arts: Sparring, Workouts and Competition

Pro Martial Art Sport mats offer many benefits for training in the striking arts. This flooring offer fatigue relief without being squishy.

Folding Gymnastic Mat Options, Analyzing the Foldable Gym Mat

Folding gymnastic mat options are designed to meet many different needs, including Martial Arts and General Fitness. Learn more about the foldable gym mat in this post.

Kids Home Gym Foam Floor Tiles

Rubbery floor tiles are great for kids home gyms. These eva foam floor tiles offer fatigue relief whether standing, kneeling or laying down.

Unfinished Basement Ideas For A Soft Play Room

An unfinished basement present many challenges - and opportunities to make a soft play room with one of Greatmats' many soft and flexible floor tiles.

Martial Arts Karate Mat - The Best 1 inch thick Puzzle Mat

Martial arts karate mats are an excellent flooring solution for stand up martial arts.

Top 5 Uses for Rubber Flooring Rolls

Learn five the top most common used for rubber flooring rolls - fitness centers, pet areas, event centers, hockey arenas and fencing strips.

Garage Dance Flooring - Josie Stewart Testimonial

Garage dance flooring makes COVID-19 quarantine period bearable for Stewart family in south Florida.

Rubber Flooring Rolls vs. Rubber Floor Tiles: Which is Best?

Rubber flooring rolls and rubber flooring tiles have unique features that make them ideal for different situations. Learn what those are.

Foam Workout Tile Uses For Kids And More

Foam Floor Tiles aren't just great for preschoolers. These foam floor tiles can serve all walks of life as interlocking floor mats. Discover their uses here!

Best Gym Flooring Material Types and Options

Gym flooring material includes rubber, foam, plastic or carpet. Find the right gym flooring material for weight lifting, cardio and multi-purpose gyms.

Sport Plus Designer Foam Tiles - Customer Uses

Greatmats Sport Plus Designer Foam Tile uses go well beyond dance floor cushion underlayment. See how real owners of this product use it.

Top 5 Uses of Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch Regrind

From liquor stores to dog training spaces, rubber flooring rolls are one of the most versatile specialty flooring solutions around.

Interlocking Gym Mats - ShokLok Rubber Tiles

Reduce gym noise and vibration with rugged and durable rubber shoklok tiles, which can handle any abuse thrown their way and remain gentile on the skin.

Plyometric Rolled Rubber Flooring 8mm Features and Benefits

Learn the benefits of 8 mm plyometric rubber rolls from Greatmats. Features of low density rubber rolls make them perfect for plyometric or aerobic activities

Top 10 Uses for Folding Gym Mats, Uses for Folding Exercise Mat

Guide folding gym mat uses. They're not just for gymnastics and these Greatmats customers will tell you why and how they use folding exercise mats.

Interlocking Gym Mats and Portable Horse Stall Mats

Portable and lightweight pebble topped interlocking foam tiles for home gyms and horse stalls. When it comes to horse stall mats for a home gym, this is the way to go.

How much should I expect to pay for horse stall mats?

Different styles of horse stall mats come with different price tags. Here's a rundown of how they compare to each other.

4x6 Textured Rubber Mats for Gym and Horse Stalls

Learn the benefits of the 4x6 foot rubber Sundance horse stall mats for home and commercial gym use as well as horse stalls. View our video today.

Interlocking Playground Mat - BB Tiles 2.5 Features and Benefits Video

This 2.5 inch thick interlocking playground mat offers many features and benefits that make it more than just a cheap outdoor playground flooring option.