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Mixed Martial Arts Puzzle Mats for MMA, Taekwondo, Karate

Learn the differences between taekwondo, karate, grappling, MMA and judo professional foam puzzle mats. View our video, or read the full post here.

How does foam wall padding work?

Discover how wall padding is designed, constructed and installed to meet the specific needs of each athletic facility.

Indoor Event and Trade Show Flooring Key Features

Indoor event flooring and trade show booth flooring in available in many options. What is each the appropriate trade show floor?

What Is The Best Jump Rope Mat?

Here are the best jump rope mat and flooring options available for aerobic and cardio exercises such as P90x, HIIT and Insanity.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles vs. Rubber Flooring Rolls

Guide to rubber floor tiles and rubber rolls. Rubber floor tiles and rolled each have unique advantages and disadvantages.

Half Axe Throwing Lanes Equipped with Greatmats Rubber for Safety

Axe throwing requires special flooring for safety. Half Axe in Marlborough, Mass., found the perfect axe throwing floor in rolled rubber from Greatmats.

Most Slip Resistant Pool Deck Tiles

Greatmats offers several swimming pool deck tiles with superior protection against slips and falls. Take a look at the top pool deck tile options.

What are the Best Deadlift Mats?

Greatmats identifies what the top 5 best deadlift mats are, including 3/4 - 2 1/2 inch thicknesses and rubber interlocking puzzle mat and straight edge tiles.

What Are the Best Floor Mats for Martial Arts Board and Brick Breaking

Brick breaking mats and board breaking mats are critical to protecting hardwood or other finished floors at martial arts academies, tournament or competition venues.

Top 5 Carpet Tiles by Unique Features

Greatmats outlines its top five carpet tiles based on their unique features to fit unique installation environments.

Soft Outdoor Patio Flooring for Kids

Learn some of the key features and products to created a kid friendly patio floor with cushion, fall protection and excellent drainage.

What Are The Best Sensory Room Floor Mats?

Greatmats identifies the best floor mat options for sensory rooms, from home use EVA foam to cushioned Karate mats.

Competitive Fitness Room Flooring Options

Rubber flooring options for cross fitness training and competitions are great for all gyms and fitness rooms where free weights and body weight exercises are practiced.

What is the Best Flooring for an Indoor Playground?

Greatmats identifies the 4 best flooring products for an indoor playground that provide excellent fall protection, safety and durability.

Why Are So Many Athletic Facilities Switching to Artificial Turf?

Discover what the enticement is behind switching athletic facilities from real grass to artificial turf.

What are the Best Box Jump Mats?

Learn what the best mats are for box jumps. Greatmats identifies 6 top products used for crossfit workouts and exercises like box jumps.

Home Gym Flooring Options - Rubber vs. Foam

Trying to find the best flooring for your home gym? The two top options are rubber and form. But which is better? We break down the pros and cons of each here.

What are the Key Components to Aerobic Exercise Flooring?

The best forms of flooring for aerobic exercises like Jazzercise, Tae Bo, Insanity, P90X, Pilates, Pilates, Kickboxing and Yoga

Home Workout Mat Comparison Video - Rollout, Folding and Puzzle Mats

Discover which home workout mat best fits your needs. Rollout mats vs. Folding Mats vs. Puzzle Mats

Gym Flooring and Mats - Ignite Total Fitness Testimonial

Discover why this Madison gym known for its weight loss boot camps finds it beneficial to be equipped with Greatmats rubber flooring and folding gym mats.

Training Mats for Martial Arts: Sparring, Workouts and Competition

Pro Martial Art Sport mats offer many benefits for training in the striking arts. This flooring offer fatigue relief without being squishy.

Kids Home Gym Foam Floor Tiles

Rubbery floor tiles are great for kids home gyms. These eva foam floor tiles offer fatigue relief whether standing, kneeling or laying down.

Folding Gymnastic Mat Options, Analyzing the Foldable Gym Mat

Folding gymnastic mat options are designed to meet many different needs, including Martial Arts and General Fitness. Learn more about the foldable gym mat in this post.

What Can I Use for Stall Wall Mats?

Horse stall wall mat options include everything from rubber mats to rubber rolls and interlocking high density eva foam tiles.