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Large Rubber Mats and Interlocking Gym Mats

Large rubber mats and interlocking gym mats are among the best gym flooring options available. Greatmats has a large selection of these gym tiles and mats.

How to Install Outdoor Flooring over Gravel, Grass or Dirt

How to install outdoor flooring tiles over dirt, grass, gravel, concrete or pavement.

Cerebral Palsy Won't Stop BJJ Fighter Nick Turnbo

Inspired by local MMA fighters, Nick Turnbo fights cerebral palsy and wins first AGF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

How thick should your mat be: gymnastics versus cheer flooring

What is the difference between gym and cheer mats? Discover how the needs of cheerleading and gymnastics differ when it comes to their flooring. Read more now.

Roll Out Gymnastics Mats Comparison - Carpet vs Vinyl Top

Learn the differences between carpet and vinyl roll-out gymnastic mats in this post. Determine which will work best for you.

Lightweight Pebble Floor Tiles for Home Weight Rooms

Gym Floor Pebble Top Tiles provides you with a durable and long lasting, lightweight foam flooring for home weight rooms

How to Buy Outdoor Floors - Purchasing Guide

Greatmats offers a comprehensive guide to buying outdoor flooring for all occasions and use types.

Martial Arts Mat Colors: Reversible Dojo Mats

Martial arts puzzle mats offer two color options as they are reversible. The interlocking jigsaw design allows for multiple colors within the same floor.

Recycled Rubber Flooring Sheet Rolls - 4x10 feet

Recycled rubber flooring rolls offer numerous benefits that come from being a resilient sheet flooring solution.

Endless Uses for Rolled Rubber Flooring

Discover why rolled rubber flooring is growing in popularity in anyplace from gyms to liquor stores to event centers.

The Best Gymnastics Mats - How to Choose

Learn why there is no universal mat for gymnastics and how to choose the right one for your intended purpose.

Installing Puzzle Carpet Squares Over Concrete

Learn how to install Greatmats Royal Interlocking Puzzle Carpet Tiles over concrete in less than 2 minutes.

Home Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Comparison: BJJ, TKD, Judo, etc.

Learn what makes home taekwondo, karate, judo, MMA and grappling mats unique, from thickness to texture.

How to Choose The Best Outdoor Flooring

Learn where and how to choose the best outdoor flooring.

Taekwondo Workout Mats for Home Training Exercises

Home Taekwondo Training Mats are conveniently sized for easy storage and designed with interlocking edges for diy installation.

Top 5 Floors for Dog Agility

Find the best dog agility flooring for both indoor and outdoor training areas by comparing price and performance.

How to Make a Padded Room - DIY Wall Padding and Floors

Making a padded room includes installing the proper wall padding and in some cases even padded flooring. Here are solutions for both.

What's the difference between non slip patio tiles for outside?

Need to update the flooring of your patio? Read this article to learn the differences between various forms of non-slip outdoor patio tiles.

What Makes Rubber Flooring Rolls Good for Gyms?

Rolled rubber gym flooring has been the go to for gyms for decades. Learn why in this guide to rubber gym flooring rolls.

Wood Look Karate Mats - Elite Puzzle Mats

Greatmats elite selection karate puzzle mats are the best choice for karate dojos, studios and tournaments.

Most Slip Resistant Pool Deck Tiles

Greatmats offers several swimming pool deck tiles with superior protection against slips and falls. Take a look at the top pool deck tile options.

What Is The Best Under Slide Mat For Playgrounds?

Slide mats for playground safety can be found at Greatmats in rubber options.

What Are Gymnastics Mats Made Of?

Discover the different materials used to make gymnastics mats as well as the variety of construction methods used.

Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring Options By Greatmats

Quality commercial gym flooring is critical to any health club, fitness center, weight or strength and conditioning center. Read about your options here.