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Tatami Texture Mats vs. Smooth Martial Arts Mat Surfaces

Learn about textures of martial arts mats for different disciplines. Get the martial arts mats with the right texture for your dojo.

Folding Martial Arts Mats for Fall Training and Ground Fighting

Greatmats 5x10 ft by 2 inch folding mats are great for fall training in martial arts such as judo, hapkido, jiujitsu and aikido

Washbay Horse Stall Mats - Striking KMA Performance Horses Testimonial

Washbay stall mats with Striking KMA Performance Horses and K Bar C Ranch founder and 2017 National Horse Trainer of the Year Kelly (Murphy-Alley) Curry

How to Choose the Best Indoor Playground Flooring

Indoor Playground Flooring Surfaces - comparing plastic vs. foam vs. rubber. Check out this to determine the top option for you!

How to Clean and Jerk: Fitness Training Video Part 6

Learn how to clean and jerk from CrossFit specialist Dale Collison. The clean and jerk is an olympic lift designed to mimic putting a heavy object above your head.

Outdoor Playground Options for Cool Designs

Outdoor playground flooring comes in many forms. In this guide, Greatmats picks out some of the best outdoor playground flooring options. Read now.

The Best 1.5 Inch Thick Grappling and MMA Mats

The best grappling mats feature a no-burn tatami surface molded into a 1.5 inch thick EVA foam core. These grappling mats offer fall and skin protection.

Judo Puzzle Mats for Home and Dojo - Tatami

Get the most out of your judo training with Greatmats judo mats. Our staff will help you determine which judo mat style is best for your needs.

Noise Reduction Workout Mats For Hybrid Fitness

Cross fitness flooring that will reduce noise and the complaints associated with that noise. Sound proof rubber gym flooring tiles as tested at CrossFit Duluth.

Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Greatmats Dog Agility Mats

Association of Professional Dog Trainers celebrates 25th anniversary by getting Greatmats dog agility mats for 2018 Conference.

Outdoor Flooring Options and Services For Over Grass, Decks and More

Get the most out of your outdoor spaces with Greatmats extensive selection of outdoor flooring options.

What are the Top 5 Martial Arts Puzzle Mats?

Greatmats offers the highest quality martial arts puzzle mats on the market with affordable pricing. Here are your top five mats for studios and tournaments

Group Fitness Rubber Flooring Rolls - In Motion Fitness Testimonial

3/8 inch thick rolled rubber flooring has proven to be the perfect gym flooring for this Minnesota group fitness facility.

Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tile Introduction Video

Discover how you can benefit from using Ergo Matta Perforated Outdoor Tiles for your outdoor play areas, anti-fatigue flooring & home gyms. Watch our video.

What are the best home MMA Training Mats?

Greatmats Home MMA BJJ Puzzle Mats are great for mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The jigsaw tatami mats are easy to install and store.

Home Karate Tiles - Features and Benefits

Learn what makes Home Athletic Sport Floor Tiles a top choice for home athletic training.

Gym Mats Comparison - Foam Floor Tiles, Folding Mats and Rollout Mats

What type of gym mats are you looking for. Foam floor tiles versus folding gym mats and roll out gym mats for athletic purposes.

Event Tiles For Temporary Dance Floors

Event dance floor tiles for installation over carpet, concrete or any other hard flat surface. Designed for repeat installations for a wood grain look.

Plyometric Rubber Roll Gym Mats - HB Fitness Testimonial

Learn how this Minnesota based fitness center get the most out of Greatmats Plyometric Rubber Flooring.

Comparing Smooth MMA Mats - Puzzle, Folding, Roll Out, etc.

Smooth Martial Arts Mats come in many forms. Let's compare the most popular smooth versions for MMA.

How to Do a Hapkido Down Strike Release Instructional Video

Tactical Hapkido founder Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker teaches how to escape a wrist grab using a down strike in his first tactical training series video.

Playground Floor Tile Thickness for Fall Safety

How thick should my playground tiles or mats be - Find playground flooring in tiles and mats in various thicknesses for fall height protection.

Playground Matting with the Best Fall Protection

Playground Fall Protection Mats and Playground Matting safety flooring can be found at Greatmats.

Top 5 Playground Tiles and Interlocking Pavers

Different outdoor playground tiles are designed with different features and functions in mind. Here are the top 5 playground tiles.