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What is a pool deck? Pool Deck Flooring and Coverings

Greatmats offers this guide to swimming pool deck flooring materials, designs and installation. Learn all about their flooring surfaces in this post. Read now.

Home Martial Arts Flooring Impact Absorption Test Using Raw Egg

The Best Home Martial Arts Flooring for impact absorption are Greatmats martial arts mats. What how they protect a falling raw egg.

Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium Features and Benefits Video

Discover why Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium are ideal for kids rooms, kids play areas, basements and trade show booths.

Are Interlocking Carpet Tiles Waterproof?

When installing carpet tiles in basements or garages, make sure they are waterproof. Here is a guide to the top 3 waterproof interlocking carpet tiles.

HiddenLock Coin Floor Tiles - Features and Benefits Video

These PVC flooring tiles are perfect for garages, warehouses & gyms. They feature a hidden interlock & coin surface pattern. View our video, or read the full article.

Wood Grain Reversible Foam Floor Tiles Features and Benefits Video

Learn how Greatmats wood grain reversible foam floor tiles can benefit you as trade show and basement flooring installations.

Introducing Elite Striking Arts Pro Mat Tatami

Greatmats now offers the world's finest 1x2-meter striking martial arts mats with a 1.5 inch thickness.

Home Karate Athletic Sport Floor Tiles Features and Benefits Video

Learn how Greatmats Home Karate Athletic Sport Floor Tiles can help with your home martial arts training.

Muay Thai Mats - Tysons City Boxing Testimonial

Muay Thai champion Dean Burr uses Greatmats martial arts mats at his Tysons City Boxing facility in Vienna, Virginia.

1 Inch Puzzle Mat Mixed Martial Arts Class Demonstration

Dragon's Den Mixed Martial Arts Uses Greatmats 1 Inch Martial Arts Mats for Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo and Judo

Raised Carpet Snap Together Tiles Features Video

Modular carpet tiles on a raised base. Snap together carpet floor tiles. Portable carpet tiles for events and basement installations.

Easy To Clean Carpet Tiles - Royal Interlocking Carpet vs Stains

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles are stain and puncture resistant. They easy to clean and extremely comfortable. Try them for yourself.

Designer Gym Foam Mats - Sports Tiles and Dance Underlayment

Sports Plus Designer Foam Gym Flooring tiles add comfort and functionality to your home gym and home dance studio.

What Type of Mat Should I Use for Practicing Flips?

Greatmats discusses what mat types are best to use for practicing and learning flips, front or back flips.

High Density Foam Mat Squares for Gym Floors

Heavy Duty Interlocking Foam Mats are the perfect solution for DIY home gym flooring installation. These high density foam mats protect your body and floor.

How to Choose the Proper Tent and Event Flooring

Your go-to guide for choosing event and tent flooring for both indoor and outdoor events.

Guide to Martial Arts Disciplines and Dojo Flooring

Dojo flooring is best chosen by its function for specific disciplines. Here's Greatmats guide to martial arts disciplines and appropriate dojo flooring.

Tatami Tiles - Lightweight Tatami Puzzle Mats for Martial Arts

Learn the feature of Greatmats Judo Lite puzzle mats with a no-burn tatami surface and how they benefit you in martial arts training.

Horse Training Series with Jesse Krier

Wisconsin horse trainer Jesse Krier teaches desensitizing techniques for young horses both in the round pen an on a horse obstacle course.

How To Do Squats and What to Look For in Squat Mats

Learn the best way to do squats from CrossFit Duluth owner and operator Dale Collison in the first installment of Greatmats Fitness Training Series.

MMA Puzzle Mats Raw Egg Drop Test from 68 feet

Raw egg bounces off MMA Puzzle mat - approximately 16 feet into the air after dropping from 68 feet above.

Indoor Playground Foam Tiles - 68 Foot Egg Drop Test

Watch a raw egg bounce off Greatmats Foam Indoor Playground mats without breaking after 68-foot fall from bucket truck.

Playground Safety Using Swing Mats and Slide Landing Mats

What can I use to protect the ground and my child for areas beneath swings and slides? These rubber mats are the best options for this. Read more now.

Playground Safety Tiles: Thick Rubber Flooring

Sterling Playground Safety Tiles make a great playground surface. Different thicknesses affect their level of protection against different fall heights.