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Temporary Walkway Over Mud or Grass - Temporary Sidewalk Ideas

Learn how to make a temporary walkway or sidewalk over grass or mud. Check out these tested and approved ideas for portable flooring here. Or, shop now.

Martial Arts Mats for Krav Maga - Fayetteville Krav Maga Testimonial

Three Martial Arts Mat Systems art put to the test for Krave Maga trailing. Cole Saugey prefers 20 mm puzzle mats over thicker Krav Maga mats.

Learn How to Deadlift in Part 5 of Greatmats Fitness Training Series

Greatmats user Dale Collison teaches how to deadlift over Sterling Athletic Sound Tiles. These deadlift technique tips and sound flooring are a great combo.

What Can I Use As Temporary Flooring Over Grass?

Temporary flooring over grass is great for event planners, rentals, or anyone who want to throw an outdoor event. These tiles are interlocking and are easy to instal.

How Do You Determine The Most Durable Flooring?

The most durable flooring will take into account multiple qualities that make it durable such as impact, water, scratch, spark resistance and more.

How much are BJJ Mats? Competition and Training Floors

Learn how much BJJ mats cost and why. What influences the price of grappling and jiu jitsu mats and the rewards they present.

Build a DIY Dance Floor on Grass - Portable Outdoor Dance Floors

Learn how to make an outdoor dance floor on uneven ground. These portable DIY outdoor dance floors are easy to install over any hard flat surface.

Tatami Puzzle Mats vs. Other Tatami Martial Arts Mats

Martial Arts Mats with a tatami surface texture come in many forms. Let's compare tatami puzzle mats with roll out mats and traditional tatami mats.

What Is a Soil Stabilization Grid?

Learn what a soil stabilization grid is and where and when you would use this type of system.

StayLock Perforated Indoor/Outdoor Flooring Tiles

Learn the features and benefits of StayLock Perforated Tiles for wet areas and children's play areas.

AKF Blackbelt Zachary Hansen Tests Greatmats Smooth MMA Mats

Kyuki-Do second dan Zachary Hansen tests and approves of Greatmats new 2 inch thick smooth MMA mats.

Martial Arts Mats by Discipline: Karate, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Taekwondo

Determine why the right floor mat is best for your martial arts type. Learn the differences between various martial arts mats and what makes them unique.

Temporary Medical Tent Flooring for Outdoors

Medical tent flooring needs to be easy to install, easy to clean and able to accommodate many outdoor subsurfaces.

Pro MMA Mats Smooth Introduction Video

Greatmats offers another elite training surface for BJJ and MMA practictioners.

Folding Gym Mats - 4x8 gymnastics mats for home video

Features and benefits of Greatmats 4x8 home folding gym mats for cheerleading, wrestling, gymnastics and tumbling.

Playground Mats vs. Mulch - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Compare playground mats against rubber and wood mulch to discover if interlocking playground mats are a better fit for your space. Read more in this post.

Taekwondo Floors - Pro Martial Arts 20 mm Mats

Pro Martial Arts Puzzle Mats offers essential features for taekwondo training whether working on kicking, jumping, forms, sparring or breaking.

What Is the Best Material for Playground Surfaces?

Playground surfaces come in many form and materials. Some materials are made for outdoor playground while other are great for indoor playground surfaces. Shop now!

Folding Gym Mat 4x10 2 inch Features and Benefits Video

Learn the features and benefits of 4x10 foot by 2 inch folding gym mats for tumbling, gymnastics, martial arts, general exercise and wrestling.

Indoor and Outdoor Playground Flooring Options

A quality playground rubber mat is priceless in making the most our of your playground space. Find plenty of playground rubber mat options at Greatmats.

Home Martial Arts Flooring Impact Absorption Test Using Raw Egg

The Best Home Martial Arts Flooring for impact absorption are Greatmats martial arts mats. What how they protect a falling raw egg.

What is a pool deck? Pool Deck Flooring and Coverings

Greatmats offers this guide to swimming pool deck flooring materials, designs and installation. Learn all about their flooring surfaces in this post. Read now.

Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium Features and Benefits Video

Discover why Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium are ideal for kids rooms, kids play areas, basements and trade show booths.

Are Interlocking Carpet Tiles Waterproof?

When installing carpet tiles in basements or garages, make sure they are waterproof. Here is a guide to the top 3 waterproof interlocking carpet tiles.