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The Best Home Gym Mats - Comparing Rubber, Foam and PVC Gym Mats

Discover which home gym mats are best for any given situation. Compare different materials, installations, uses and styles in this post. Click to learn more.

Comparing Patio Tile Materials and Installation

Breaking down patio tile options by material and installation over surfaces such as concrete, wood, grass and dirt.

How to Cut Rubber Flooring, Vinyl and Plastic Floor Tiles and More

Wondering how to cut rubber, plastic, vinyl or other specialty flooring? Look no further. Read this guide for a simple cutting process.

Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Flooring Material

Learn why EVA Foam is the material of choice for interlocking martial arts puzzle mats for tournament, dojo and dojang use.

Top Tap Dance Flooring Considerations

Things to consider when purchasing tap dance flooring, mats or practice pads. What factors make a good tap dance floor?

Top 5 Uses for Rubber Paver Tiles

Rubber Paver Tiles are used well beyond the patio. Discover other popular uses and with rubber pavers serves those purposes best.

Staylock Perforated Tile Uses - Playground and Patio Tiles & More

Perforated Tiles such as the StayLock Perforated PVC tiles lend themselves to numerous uses. Here are 15 perforated tile uses by Greatmats Customers.

20 mm Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Use Ideas

From martial arts to dog training to high intensity fitness workouts, Pro Martial Arts Jigsaw Puzzle Mats offer cushion and stability.

Home Dance Fitness Floors - The Top 5

Home dance studio can be a place of solitude and peace, or it can be a center of fun for the whole family to move around in.

How to Install Rubber Gym Flooring on Concrete & Other Surfaces

See how to use and Install Rubber Gym Flooring in home or commercial settings, over concrete, carpet, wood, ceramic tile or other surface. And when you shouldn't use rubber.

Temporary Flooring Over Carpet Ideas for Home and Dance

Find temporary flooring over carpet ideas for home & DIY dance floors. Learn more about your flooring installation & best material options in this post.

The Best Interlock Flooring Styles - Connecting Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles and mats come in many forms. The material type and intended purpose often contribute to the style of interlock used.