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Incredible Safety
Slip-and-fall injuries are a challenge for anyone around water. That's why Life Floor tiles feature incredible:

Traction: They're slip-resistant without being abrasive, and soft for bare feet.

Cushioning: If someone does fall, our built-in cushioning will minimize the bumps and bruises.

Durability: Unlike coatings and sealants that need to be periodically reapplied, Life Floor's traction and cushioning will last the entire life of the tile.

With a static coefficient of .92, Life Floor is significantly more slip-resistant than broomed concrete. Even at a 35 degree angle, our testers are still sure-footed on Life Floor.

Our 3/8 inch tile has a critical fall height of 1 ft, but most eggs won't break when dropped from 3 ft above. Seriously. Request a sample and try it.

Softer, more comfortable floors
Whether you're walking, running, and jumping; or sitting, reading, and just relaxing, our tiles are cushioned to make life more comfortable.

Design Versatility
Life Floor is perfect for creating beautiful, custom surfaces. We can even work with you to create a deck, floor, or splash pad that integrates with the design or theming of your space.

Work with our Design Studio to create flooring as unique as your space, integrating your handpicked choice of colors and more.

Our Featured Tiles include Ripple and Slate, always in stock and ready to ship.

RepelCell Technology
Our patented formula makes Life Floor immune to water and other corrosives.

Completely, totally waterproof: Life Floor tiles will not absorb water or other liquids. They last as long underwater or above water.

Incredibly anti-microbial: Closed-cell construction helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

Virtually impossible to stain: We've tested tiles with food and chemical spills, and we've yet to find anything that stains Life Floor.

Will it clean?

Watch the video and see how Life Floor cleans compares to concrete. Our tiles are even easier to maintain with our unique line of Life Floor Cleaners.

Pool Decks
Everyone loves to walk on Life Floor-especially swimmers. Bare feet stay comfortable on cushioned, slip-resistant tiles that mirror natural materials. We recommend our 3/8 inch Tile in Slate or Ripple for pool decks. Our 3/16 inch Tile is an economic alternative for especially large decks. Even your depth markers can be made from Life Floor!

Life Floor can be installed on any clean, dry, solid, properly-sloped substrate. Life Floor tiles can also be easily removed to access pipes and other equipment below the substrate.

Cleaning + Maintenance
For pool decks, we recommend weekly attention with cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Splash Pads
Aquatic playgrounds need a surface that is soft, slip-resistant, and engineered to be walked and played on barefoot. Life Floor tiles are perfect for splash pads. We recommend our 3/8 inch Tile with the Ripple texture for this application with a transition strip to the surrounding collar if necessary.

Outside Decks
Everyone loves to walk on Life Floor. Bare feet stay cool and comfortable on cushioned, slip-resistant tiles that mirror natural materials. We recommend our 3/8 inch Tile in Slate or Ripple for outside decks. Our 3/16 inch Tile is an economic alternative for especially large decks.

Zero-depth Entries
One of our most popular applications, Life Floor makes zero-depth entries safer with industry-leading traction-even under water. Using our reducer strips, your guests will transition from Life Floor to the water seamlessly. For zero-depth entries, we recommend our tile with best traction underwater, 3/8 inch Ripple.

Lilly Pad Landings
Stick the landing. When fitted with our cushioned 3/8 inch Ripple Tile, your water park's lily pads will be even more slip-resistant when wet.

Slide Towers
On slide towers, our 3/8 inch Tile eliminates splinters for more comfortable platforms and waiting areas. Even better, our 3/16 inch Tile is designed to wrap around stairs, creating safer steps with more traction.

Play Features
Our 3/8 inch Tile makes aquatic play safer for kids, jumping, crawling and running through play features. We recommend our Ripple texture, which is our most slip-resistant tile.

Don't worry about water over the bridge. Our 3/8 inch Tile is cushioned and comfortable for high traffic walkways, and slip-resistant even when wet. For bridges we recommend either our Ripple, Slate, or Rustic Board textures.

Eliminate slippery, dangerous stairways. Stairways are safer and more comfortable with our 3/16 inch Tile, which wraps entirely around the stair tread. You can even use accent colors on stairs to alert guests to changes in floor height. On stairways, we recommend our Ripple or Wood Grain tile, which can cover the entire stair tread.

Restrooms + Locker Rooms
Life Floor tiles are mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, and antimicrobial. Perfect for showers, restrooms, saunas, and changing areas, our RepelCell Technology keeps floors cleaner and feet healthier. For locker rooms, we recommend our 3/8 inch Tile in any of our textures. Slate is most popular for bathroom, sauna and shower applications.

Best traction. Always available in 3/8 inch
This bright, playful design is our most popular tile! Bluebird Ripple is not only ideal for splash decks and underwater applications, but also for zero-depth entries, lily-pads, and around climbing attractions.

Always available in 3/8 and 3/16 inch
Slate beautifully mimics natural stone. It is often used on pool decks, walkways, bridges, as well as for saunas, locker rooms, and inside showers.

Color, Texture, and Thickness
Beautiful design made simple. We've done the hard work, now all you need to do to create your perfect floor is select your preferred color, texture, and tile thickness of Life Floor.

Our carefully selected color palette is developed to meet the specific design and theme of facilities. Our tiles last in extreme hot and cold conditions both indoors and outdoors. For maximum comfort, we suggest our lighter color tiles for outdoor use.